8 Ways To Look 8 Years Younger Than You

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Kam Umar Ke Kaise Dikhe: We all want to look young always. But there are very few people who work hard to fulfill this wish.

Sometimes we look older even though we are younger. The reason for this can be our lifestyle and pollution.

Sometimes we try to cover our age by using make-up. But along with the use of make-up, it is important to take care of our skin.

Today in this article we will tell you how to look younger?

Ways to Look Younger

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So let’s know how we can look young by taking proper care of our skin. Read also: Gora Hone Ki Cream: 7 Best Skin Lightening Creams in India

Moisturize the skin – Moisturize the Sk

By moisturizing the skin well, you can protect your skin from dryness.

Skin Moisturize karke kam umar ke kaise dikhe

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Dry skin causes wrinkles to appear on your face, due to which you look older.

Moisturizing the skin makes your skin soft and glowing, which makes you look younger. You can read this: How to bleach at home: The right way and tips to do bleaching

Do Not Use Too Much Make-up

Using too much make-up on your skin makes your face dry and wrinkles appear.

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So reduce the use of make-up as much as possible. Avoid applying thick eyeliner on your eyes, use pink or any light colored eye shadow.

Use lip gloss to look younger – Daily Use Lip Gloss

As we age, the amount of collagen in our body starts decreasing, due to which the shape of our beautiful lips also starts deteriorating.

So to make your lips look young in a natural way, use some good and herbal lip gloss.

Moisturize Your Hands Well – Moisturize Your Hands in English

As we age, the skin on our hands also starts shrinking and wrinkles also start to form.

makeup karne ka saman hai moisturizer

That’s why we need to take special care of our hands to look old.

Always moisturize your hands thoroughly and apply sunscreen containing SPF15.

Get a good hair cut – Nice Haircut Se Kam Umar Ke Kaise Dikhe

Due to any hair cut, your age can look very young. So to look younger, cut your hair medium or short as much as possible.

Along with this, you can use colors like copper and blonde on your hair. With this, you can easily look younger. Read also: Make dark lips pink with 7 easy ways that most people do not know

Keeping Your Teeth White – How to Look Younger With Teeth Whitening

As we age, our teeth become lifeless and yellow due to continuous consumption of coffee, tea and tobacco.

Teeth Whitening se kam umar ke kaise dikhe

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Brown, red or any dark colored lipstick does not look good on your lips due to yellow teeth.

So to keep your teeth white and always look young, try to keep your teeth clean and white.

Use Sunscreen – Use Sunscreen Lotion

The harmful UV rays of the sun can bring wrinkles on your skin, which makes you look older.

So make sure to use sunscreen to look young. You can read this: 2 Days Fairness Guaranteed: Rato Rat Gora Hone Ka 5 Asan Tarika

Do Not Use Different Products – Do Not Use Different Products

It takes at least 21 days for the cream used on the skin to become acquainted with the cells present in your skin.

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So using different creams continuously will not help your skin.

So at least one month use only one anti-aging cream. Read also: 7 Powerful Remedies To Remove Blackness Of Neck

So this was kam umar ke kaise dikhe and some effective remedies for you. By using them, you can easily look younger. So make sure to use these tips and always look young.

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