Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Fatty Liver

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Ayurvedic home remedies for fatty liver. Home Remedies For Fatty Liver

Liver enlargement and inflammation (fatty liver) causes, symptoms, ayurvedic treatment and home remedies
Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Fatty Liver
Ayurvedic home remedies for fatty liver. Home Remedies For Fatty Liver
This disease is called hyperfibrosis, liver fibrosis, chronic liver disease, liver enlargement (liver enlargement).
It is a chronic disease of the liver which lasts for a very long time. Its symptoms are not known to the patient in the beginning.

In this, many (tissue) cells of the liver are gradually destroyed and in their places the formation of fibrous tissues increases, the cells which are left start working more. In the beginning, due to which the liver becomes somewhat larger than normal / natural, but due to fibrosis, the liver shrinks and becomes somewhat smaller in size and lumps are formed on its surface due to fibrosis.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Fatty Liver

Major cause of liver enlargement and inflammation

1Infection – Chronic/Chronic or Chronic Active Hepatitis – Cause of this disease in some patients.

2Drinking alcohol- Drinking alcohol daily for a long time causes changes in the liver. Alcohol is more harmful to the liver in women than men. The chances of this disease become more by taking sweets every day.

3Due to the accumulation of iron and copper, there is a possibility of getting this disease.

4This disease also occurs due to blockage anywhere in the biliary tract.

5– Hepatic Congestion This disease also occurs due to long-standing congestion.

6Malnutrition (malnutrition) is also a reason for this.

7– Frequent attacks of malarial fever.

8Arthritis and other gout diseases.

9Rickets in children.

10Heart disease, scarlet fever, dysentery (dysentery), syphilis (syphilis), measles (majilles), typhoid fever, small mother, etc.

11If there is blood with vomiting, if the spleen is enlarged then there may be portal hypertension which is included in the causes of cirrhosis.

12Excess intake of salt, hot spices etc.

In addition to the above – this disease can also be caused by infiltration, fat glycozone, lipids or pigments.

Major symptoms of liver enlargement and swelling

Remember that not every patient suffering from this disease has the same symptoms and signs. For a long time, no symptoms are visible in the patient. When the disease becomes more, then the following symptoms and signs are detected –

1– Initially, the liver is somewhat larger than normal, but later it shrinks and becomes smaller due to fibrosis.

2The patient feels heavy air (gas) in the stomach.

3Loss of appetite, nausea/nausea, vomiting and feeling of heaviness in the upper part of the abdomen.

4– Weakness, exhaustion and reduction in body weight (weight).

5Skin feeling dry and hard. Pigmentation in the skin can also lead to spots.

6In men, one side of the breast becomes enlarged and testicular swelling and impotence may also occur.

7In women – there is disturbance in menstruation.

8Bleeding starts in many patients.

9In some patients, there is mild fever.

10The patient gets anaemia when blood enters the intestines.

11Collateral veins are formed in the lower part of the patient’s esophagus and the upper part of the abdomen. Due to portal hypertension (high blood pressure), it swells and becomes thick, after which blood continues to flow out of them.

12Jaundice in this disease is mild or does not occur at all.

13– In advanced cirrhosis – the patient may have mental changes, he may have seizures and he can act like a manic patient (crazy).

13– Palmar erythema and spider angioma are present in the patient.

14Due to non-functioning of liver and portal hypertension, the patient gets ascites. The abdominal veins of the patient appear bloated.

15Renal failure – Renal/kidney stops working due to reduced blood circulation. It occurs after liver failure.

16Spleen It enlarges much beyond its normal size. The main reason for its increase is ‘Portal Hypertension’. It is detected early in children and adolescents, but is rarely detected in older/adult individuals growing up to only 5 cm.

17Portal Hypertension: Fibrosis and destruction of cells in the liver resulting in changes in the hepatic vessels leading to blockage in blood circulation. Along with this, the pressure of the arteries spreads to the venous veins.

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Liver enlargement and other symptoms of inflammation

.Agni malaria and constipation.
Sour water filling in the mouth.
.liver pain.
.liver and spleen enlargement.
.Occasional bleeding/bloody hemorrhoids.
.Swelling on the feet.
On touching the right side of the liver with the ribs, the surface of the liver appears rough or knotty.
Sometimes the patient himself can see his enlarged liver in the form of a large lump.
.The patient becomes weak day by day and the eyes and mouth of the patient get puffy.
.Blood emesis (in 10% of patients)
Sometimes weakness and intensity of pulse.
Mild ataxia (in 50% of patients)
.Proneness to bleeding-often bleeding from nose and gums.
.Body color of some dark (black) color.
.lever check

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The following changes are found in the patient of cirrhosis in the blood test

lack of white cells
Platelet deficiency (Thombocytopenia Thrombocytopenia)

Urine Test

Bilirubin may or may not be urea.
Urobiliogen urea is always available.
Liver Function Test
Serum albumin is low.

There is a difference in the ratio of albumin/globulin.
Serum bilirubin is either normal or found to be elevated.
While diagnosing the disease, if the doctor asks the patient whether he has taken ‘aspirin’ in case of bleeding and if he has symptoms of ulcer, then it is a symptom of cirrhosis.

If the patient is suffering from ascites and his abdominal veins are visible and he has vomited blood/vomited blood in the past and if he is a strong alcoholic then he should be considered as a patient of cirrhosis.
The future outcome of this disease depends on the causes and symptoms.

If this disease is due to drinking / drinking, then it can be cured.
The patient can also recover due to metabolic reasons.
In the beginning, control of the disease can be found.
Jaundice, ascites and albumin are bad for future fruit.

Acute bleeding through esophageal varices is fatal for the patient. About 50% of patients die.
If the patient is not benefited by proper treatment of one month, then the future is not good.
In the initial stage of the patient – there is a hope of recovery by stopping the consumption of alcohol and fast food.
general guidelines

Remember that no therapy can reverse cirrhosis. Therefore, efforts should be made only to stop it from growing through therapy.

The general condition / condition of the patient and its symptoms are cured by therapy. If the patient takes sura, then stop it completely and explain to him in detail about the harmful effects of alcohol.

Advise the patient to eat nutritious food (which contains plenty of carbohydrates and vitamins). The patient can take fresh green leafy vegetables, peeled pulses, cheese, and if he is a non-vegetarian then-meat fish. Excess oil or butter should be avoided.

In case of severe weakness, glucose, saline and harmine can be given to the patient through intravenous (I/V) drip. also remember that
The prognosis of cirrhosis depends on the cause and symptoms.

If cirrhosis is caused by alcohol, it can be cured. The patient can also recover due to metabolic reasons. The disease can be controlled by medicine at the very beginning of the disease. The consequences of jaundice, ascites and albumin are usually bad.

Acute bleeding from the esophageal paracrine is fatal to the patient. About 50% of patients die.

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Ayurvedic medicine for liver enlargement and inflammation

1,Taking Haritaki powder mixed with twice the old and spice-free jaggery or taking Abhyarishta also helps in liver enlargement.

2, It is also beneficial to take Triphala in the form of Kwath along with Kutki, Daruhaldi, Guduchi.

3, Goat’s liver juice is also beneficial in this disease. That is, mixing iron ash 6 mash, tamra bhasma and vermillion 3-3 mash, giving 10-15 spirits of goat’s liver juice and drying the shade, taking 1-2 ratti thrice a day is beneficial.

4, For child liver growth, this iron is used in the amount of one ratti once daily or Kalmegh, kutki churna 2-5 ratti, cow urine mandoor, pippali 1-1 ratti powder 3-4 times a day and cow urine 1 tola in a day. It is beneficial to give (filtered) 2 times. Milk and fruit juices should be specially given in food without greasy.

Patented Ayurvedic Medicines Beneficial in Cirrhosis

1, Liv Forte tablet/syrup (manufacturer-renewable) 5 drops 2-3 times a day for infants, 1 tablet or 1 teaspoonful 2-3 times a day for children, 2 tablets or 2 teaspoonful syrup a day for adults 2- Give 3 times.

Give 2-3 tablets of Amlacure Tablet/DS Capsule (Manufacturer-Emil) 3 times a day or 2 capsules 2-3 times a day.

3, 2 teaspoons of Biolivac Syrup/Tablet (Manufacturer-Herbotec) syrup 3 times a day 1-1 tablet 30 minutes before meal/breakfast 3 times a day for one month, then 1 tablet 2 times a day for 2 months.

4, Hepacap Capsule (Manufacturer-Capro) 2 capsules for adults 2-3 times a day, 1 capsule for children 2 times a day.

5, Jummies Livercare (Complex Forte) Tablets (Manufacturer – Jummies) – 2 tablets for adults 3-4 times a day, 2 tablets for children 2-3 times a day.

6, Liovin Capsule/Syrup (Manufacturer-Padmavati) – 1 capsule 3 times a day after meals.

7, Livni’s Syrup (Manufacturer-Atrimed) – 5-10 ml twice daily.

8, Give 1-2 capsules of Liver Kidney Care Capsule (Manufacturer-Organic India) twice a day.

9, Liv 52 Drops Syrup, Tablet, DS Tablet, Syrup, DS Syrup (Manufacturer-Himalaya) Liv 52 DS Syrup/DS Tablet 1 full tea spoon or 1 tablet 3 times a day for 6 to 12 months.

10, 2 tablets of Liversone tablet (manufacturer-Ajmera) 3 times a day.

11, Leverwin Syrup (Manufacturer-Ayurwin Pharma) children 5 ml 3 times a day. Give adults 10 ml 2-3 times a day.

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home remedy for liver enlargement and swelling

* Mixing powder of turmeric powder and powder of rock salt in the juice of 4 ratti Gheeguar (Alobera) and taking it twice a day in the morning and evening cures liver enlargement.

* Grind all these medicines together with saunth, pepper and chavya 1-1 masha and keshar 1 ratti and mix 4 masha honey and take it to the patient, it ends liver inflammation.

* Mandoor Bhasma 1 Ratti, Cowdi Bhasma 2 Ratti and Pepper Powder 4 Ratti Mixing all these together with honey destroys the swelling of liver.

* Grinding amarbel in water and applying it ends the hardness of the liver.

The power of the liver increases by consuming amarbel’s kwath.

* By dissolving 5-6 ratti in water and taking it 4 times a day, all the diseases related to liver are destroyed. By taking this, the bile ducts of the liver are removed.

Cook the Macoy plant by putting it in an earthen pot. When it becomes pink in color, sieve it. Taking this swaras in the amount of 16 tola every morning stops the enlargement of the liver.

* By taking 50 grams juice of green/fresh bitter gourd continuously for a month, liver diseases are eradicated.

Cut the leaves of Gheeguar / Aloe vera from the middle and put 5 grams of Nausadar in it little by little. Then collect the juice that comes out of it. Swelling of the liver ends by taking 15 drops of this extract in 1 gulp of water.

* Inflammation of the liver, obstruction of bile and gout (jaundice) diseases, etc. are destroyed by mixing equal part of maco juice with 2 tola fresh radish juice and taking it 2-3 times a day.

Cooking the raw fruit of egg melon tightly in a grater and a little cow’s ghee in a pan, binding it on the patient’s stomach like a poultice, benefits in the enlargement of the spleen and liver.

* Taking 5 drops of fresh milk of raw papaya and 1 nos of ripe banana and mixing both of them and taking it twice a day after meals is beneficial in the enlargement of spleen and liver.

* Prepare a paste by grinding goat’s manganese in vinegar and heating it and applying it on the liver-spleen place on a pleasant day, no matter what the liver-spleen enlargement is, after a few days of continuous use it definitely gets relief. .

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