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It is the dream of every boy going to the gym to become his biceps as soon as possible. Today we will give you complete information about making biceps, will tell you that Biceps Kaise Banaye, Everyone wants to increase the size of their arms as quickly as possible, that’s why we are going to tell you how to increase the size of the biceps and some special tips.

Biceps is such a thing that people’s attention goes first, if you have 15-16 inch dole then you will definitely be the center of attraction among people. Who does not like big and muscular dolls, people work hard for years to get them.

Some poor people even fail to do so. Because they would not have known Biceps Banane Ka Tarika. They do not even know how to choose Exercises etc. from time to time. Very few people are aware of which exercises should be done to make biceps.

The craze of making biceps is speaking loudly in today’s time, if your arms are strong and you are wearing T Shirt, then believe that 80 out of 100 people look at your biceps only once.

How To Make Biceps And Tips – Biceps Kaise Banaye

How to make Solid Arms? There is such a question which is very small, but to understand it, a mind that understands science is needed. Biceps are not made just by lifting heavy weights, technique is also necessary. It is important to understand every muscle of the body.

Without understanding it well, it is not possible to develop any muscle of the body in a short time. Biceps is the smallest muscle among all the body parts we exercise in the gym. This is the reason that making biceps is not easy.

Because the smaller the muscle, the more technology will be needed in it. Most of the people going to the gym, this thing is going on in their mind all the time that how to increase the size of the biceps, which method to adopt and which exercise to do.

Biceps Kaise Banaye

This happens because those people are tired of lifting weight in their own way but their biceps size has not increased. The reason for this is the wrong way exercise done by them without understanding this muscle. But in this article we will tell you that Biceps Kaise Banaye and will give all the tips which you desperately need.

What to do, what not to do, what to eat and what to exercise to make biceps. We will give you information about all this, but first we are going to give you some suggestions which you will definitely have to follow. Let us tell you what things you have to take care of and what to do to make biceps.

(1) If you have just joined the gym, then you should exercise biceps only 2 days a week, not more than this. Some people fall behind the arms in order to make biceps as quickly as possible, this is the biggest mistake.

In this way your biceps get overtrained and then stop growing. We have already told you that Biceps is a very small muscle, if you overtrain it, it will stop growing at all.

(2) If you have been doing gym for more than 6 months, then our suggestion to you is that you do Biceps Workout only once a week. But the day you train the biceps, give full emphasis, do reps till the muscles fail. Do not touch the biceps for the remaining 6 days, just let them recover.

According to us, you should exercise triceps as well as biceps, this will increase your size as quickly as possible. By increasing in equal proportion of both the muscles, your muscles will grow quickly. But once again remind that exercise of both the parts should be done only once in a week.

(3) Some people keep asking other bodybuilders that brother, good Biceps Kaise Banaye, for this please tell us great exercises. This is where they make a mistake. Exercise can even see them doing that, they miss the real thing and that is asking about diet.

Yes, this is the problem of 70% of the people here. People do Intense Workout to make Biceps in the Gym, that is, they put full emphasis. But after that forget the most important thing that comes about, and that good diet which is rich in Protein.

Everyone should listen carefully that if you want to make great biceps, then you have to take Protein after 40 minutes of exercising. If you are not getting that much protein from your food, then it is a simple matter that you buy Protein Supplement.

If you want the fruits of your hard work, then after 40 minutes of exercising, definitely give protein to the body. Otherwise, after waking up in the morning, when you look at your biceps standing in front of the mirror, you will get the same as it was 2-3 months ago.

(4) If you have come home after doing hard exercises of biceps in the gym and after coming, you get busy doing some work in which the Bicep Muscle is stressed again, then you are doing a lot wrong. In this way your exercise may be useless. You have to take special care of this thing.

Whenever you come home after training the biceps, do not do any such work in which the biceps muscles have to be worked again. In this way you will get caught in the affair of Platue. Meaning the muscle will become overtrained and will stop growing.

(5) Those who have reached here while searching for Biceps Banane Ka Tarika, let us tell them that there is no such thing as a method. You need the right technique to make biceps. You have to do all your exercise properly.

Then she targets that muscle well, and the full effect of exercise is on the muscle. We have seen many such boys in the gym who start doing exercises in the wrong way in order to put more weight.

Either they hold the bar incorrectly, or they bend here and there while applying weight. Do not do this, even if you put a little less weight, but do the exercise in the right way, otherwise the exercise will be of no use.

(6) Stretching has an important contribution in making Biceps, if you are not giving importance to Stretching at all, then you are doing it wrong. Do some stretching even before starting the exercise of the biceps and keep doing it in between even while doing the exercise. This does not fill your muscles and the full effect of exercise falls on your muscles.

So these were some important Biceps Banane Ke Tips which you have to take by hand and always take care of them. Now let us tell you what exercises you have to do to make biceps, so that as soon as possible you too will be able to see your dole sholay.

Exercise To Build Biceps – Biceps Banane Ki Exercise

You must have got half the answer to your question that “Biceps Kaise Banaye” above, we give half to you now. Let us tell you which exercises you should do to make biceps.

Biceps Banane Ka Tarika

(1) Barbell CurlThis is a very great exercise to increase the size of the biceps. As you can see in the picture above, a straight road is used in it and weight is added according to its capacity.

After that slowly lift it with your hands and take it to your chest, then slowly bring down the weight. Most people start with this exercise to make biceps.

Biceps Banana Ki Exercise

(2) Dumbbell Curl– In this exercise, there are dumbbells instead of bar, you have to stand straight holding dumbbells in both hands. After that, you have to take the dumbbell up with both your hands in turn, and slowly bring it down.

Keep in mind that while raising the dumbbell, you do not have to lean on one side at all. This exercise is done in many ways. Like even with a Dumbbell in only one hand and also with both hands. You can see in the picture above.

Preacher Curl Exercise

(3) Preacher CurlAs you can see in the picture, this exercise is done sitting and it is a very effective exercise. If you always think that good strong Biceps Kaise Banaye then definitely do this exercise. This exercise targets the biceps muscles very well.

Biceps Cable Curl

(4) Biceps Cable CurlThis is a Machine Weight Exercise which does a great job in removing the size of the biceps. This is also very easy to do, just stand at a distance of 1 foot from the machine as shown in the picture and pull the cables upwards. Then slowly bring it down and repeat this process several times.

Solid Biceps Kaise Banaye

(5) Dumbbell Concentration CurlIt is a bit difficult to do this exercise, it takes a little more effort to do it. But this is a very good exercise to make biceps, which you have to sit and rotate with one hand. You can easily understand this exercise by looking at the picture.

These are the 5 best Biceps Banane Ki Exercise which gives you good results in no time. All you have to keep in mind is that every month you have to mix your exercises a little and also include new exercises in between.

What should be eaten to make biceps, what kind of diet or diet should be taken

See Protein is a very important thing in making biceps, if you let this thing be lacking, then your biceps will not grow. There are many people who have been working hard for years but their biceps size could not increase. The reason for this is that they are not able to give good nutrition i.e. good Protein Rich Diet to their body.

Bicep is a small muscle, fat also plays a big role in increasing its size. So you have to include a little healthy fat in your diet every day. For this you eat Dry Fruits etc.

Good fat is found in them. Apart from this, use coconut oil, olive oil and peanut butter in food. The combination of Protein and Healthy Fats will give you great results.

In the end, I would like to tell you that if you want to make biceps, then do not over train the biceps. Biceps are small muscles and they need a good recovery time for growth. Do not take too much stress and give enough rest to the biceps after the workout.

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