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Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is an Action-Adventure battle royale game available for mobile, developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. 

This game was beta-released on November 20, 2017 and officially released for Android and iOSon December 4, 2017 will tell.


Tha this mobile game has more than 1 Billion download and 80 million daily users globally. The game consists of over fifty players who parachute onto an island in search of weapons and guns to kill the other player. The player has to win by killing the other player. The one who wins is given a BOOYAH

There are three maps in this game. The name of the first is Bermuda, the name of the second is Purgatory and the third is Kalahari. Landing on it, finding weapons and killing other players has to win.


Garena Free Fire All Details

Developer: 111dots Studio

Publisher: Garena International Private Limited

Platform: AndroidMicrosoft WindowsIOSXbox OnePlayStation 4

Launched date: December 4, 2017

Category: Royal war/ Royal Battle

Type: multiplex

Garena Free Fire

In which within 10 minutes it becomes so small that all the people playing the game gather at one place, due to which it is easy for you to clear the game. For this reason this game has become very popular. Some other levels have been given inside it, with the help of which you can also play by forming a team.


In which you can connect your Facebook friend or local friend. Apart from this, you can also create groups in it so that whenever your friends are online, you are shown whether your friends are playing or not. So in this way you can also play Free Fire Game by choosing its team.

What is Free Fire?

This Free Fire Game is made by GARENA INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED. Free Fire Game is an action game in which you have to fight your battle against 49 people. And you have 10 minutes. In which you have to win your battle by killing all the other people. This game starts like this. That you do not have any weapon, you have to go from place to place and collect weapons.


After this, you have to kill everyone who comes in front and with this you get some points. To make the game difficult, a Safe Zone alarm comes after every short time, within whose boundary you have to stay. If you are outside his boundary, you are killed automatically, so you have to play this 10-minute game inside the boundary.


Who researched the Free Fire game?

This Free Fire Game is made by GARENA INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY. It was launched world wide in 2017. The creator of this game is 111dots/HCO Studio (Vietnam). Apart from this, this company also makes games for many years. Out of which Arena of Valor, Headshot, Contra, Firefall, FIFA, League of Legends were quite famous for such games. Let us tell you that Garena is a Singapore based digital services company which is mostly famous for developing sports and action games. If you do not want to play Chinese games. So you can play the alternative Free Fire Game of PUBG.

Characters of Free Fire game and what skills do –

1. Adam & Eve :- This character has no skill. Adam & Eve Free Fire  characters

2. Andrew :- Damage is less in this character.

Free Fire Character Andrew pics

3. Notora:- This character increases hp while driving and whether or not medicated and also increases health to his teammate.

Free Fire Characters Notora pics

4. Steffie:- A power button comes in this character, pressing it makes a round circle, as long as this round circle remains, the damage is reduced.

Free Fire character Steffie

5. Hayato:- If this character is 10%hp then it gives more damage. Free Fire character Hayato pics

6. Joseph: – If there is damage in this character, then he runs very fast.

Free Fire Character Joseph pics

7. A124; – This character converts from ep to hp.

Free Fire characters A124 pics

8. Moco:- If this character knocks out any other timemate, then the empe becomes blue tipka and the big one runs somewhere else his timemate comes to know. 

Free Fire Character Moco pics

9. Caroline: – This character who uses shot gun, it is very useful if you run with shot gun in hand, then the speed will increase.

Free Fire Character Caroline pics

10. Paloma:- This character picks up ar MO in his bag even if he doesn’t wake up in the bag.

Free fire character Paloma

11. Kla:- Kala one kills his fellow with his punch and gives a damage of 550 on the head.

Free Fire characters Kla


12. Maxim:- This character is medikit fast. Free Fire characters Maxim pics

13. Nikita :- This character does fast reload in gun like mp40 and ump like in gun. 

Free Fire character Nikita pics

14. Kelly:- This character increases the speed of the race. Free Fire character Kelly pics

15. Alok:- This character speed increases health and health increases even if you do not have a medic.

Free Fire characters Alok

16. Alvaro:- This character damages and increases the range.

Free Fire Characters Alvaro

17. Jota: – After skilling this character, you get 5 hp medic.

Free fire Characters Jota pics

18. Shani:- If you do this character skill, then your waste will be level 1 to level 2, it helps in increasing the waste.

Free Fire Charters Shani pics

19. Jai:- This character ar amo only works.wukong:- This character becomes a tree and even the enemy does not know.

Free Fire Charaters Jai pics

20. Laura: – If this character shoots at any person, then only the body of the person will go, this character is used for awm gun.

free Fire character Laura pics

21. Antonio:- This character, whenever you fall from a high pitch, your hp will not decrease.

Free Fire characters Antonio pics

22. Migvel:- If you skill this character to any elder, then the ep increases.

Free Fire Characters Migvel pics

23. Misha;- Whenever this character is going in a ditch, then the damage is less if any person shoots a bullet.

Free Fire Characters Misha

24. Olivia:- This character increases hp by rewiring his Temate.

Free Fire characters Olivia pics

25. Wolfrahh: – Whenever this character looks big, then the M of the gun will go to the headshot of the big one.

Free Fire Character Wolfrahh pics

26. Kapila:- This catarrhal gives more hp than Nobara character.

Free Fire Characters Kapila pics

27. Frod: – This character also saves hp in John and help is also available in John. 


Free Fire character Frod pics

28. Rafael:- Rafael is deadly killer. His goal to bring justice to the world.

Free Fire character Rafael pics

29. Wukong:- wukong is a mysteriously being known as the “King Of Monkeys”.

Free fire character Wukong pics


30. Larura:- Larira is an oustanding special agent. Larura wants to bring justice to the world.

Free fire character Larura pics


Which phone can play Free Fire game in a good way?

Today Free Fire game is played a lot in India and other countries. If you are also fond of playing this game, then it is also necessary to have a good mobile. If the processor of your mobile is too small then this game will not be able to run properly in your mobile. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the best mobile to play Free Fire Game. 

How to Install Free Fire Game –

How to download free fire game apk? To install Free Fire game, first you have to go to the Playster application in your mobile, after that you will have to search in the Playster Garena Free Fire game, after this the app of the game will open on your Playster. There will be a dowload option below the game, it will have to be clicked, after which two options will come. charges may apply. 2.when wi -fi is avilable


In this if you install from any wifi then you have to click on 2.when wi-fi is avilable and install from your mobile net then you have to click on charges may apply after that after installing the game when you If you open the game, you will have to make a game pay (id) which can make three (id) in the game 1. Facebook 2. guest 3 gamil id You can play the game on any of these three ids.


How to play free fire game

In the free fire game, the player has to freeze from the plane to the island with the help of a parachute, there is also a battleground and action game, in this game 1 player can play in 2 players and multiplayer, in this game also you have to hold gadgets like Gun Jacket, Bullet Proof Medicine etc. In this game, leaving your group, you have to move ahead while killing other players. And when the player of his group is shot, the player of the group has to give him medicine and plus points. For 10 minutes the player has to catch all the items he needs.


After that comes the Saif zone, the Saif zone gradually becomes active, along with this zone one has to proceed by killing the other player and snatching the gadget of the other player, by killing the player remaining in the Saif zone, the winner has to be made and the winner has to be made. Upgraded to the next level.


Free Fire game will now give premium experience to Indians

Free Fire The world’s most popular mobile royale game. This game has been designed in such a way that Indians can get premium battle experience. This first self-developed game from Garena will cater to the needs of players who want to play a highly immersive social battle royale game. It has been designed keeping in mind the mobile phone. Free Fire users can play Premium Mobile Royale on almost every smartphone mobile.


Its fast gameplay and short maps engage the user and offer a different experience with each round. Free Fire’s social and interactive elements, its unique guild system, and its unique guild system and story, ensure that players always have fun with the people around them.


sleek design –

Free Fire’s attractive design and social gameplay are quickly making it everyone’s favourite. As of May 2019, Free Fire has over 450 million (45 million) registered users and over 50 million (50 million) daily active users. According to Annie App, Free Fire game is the third most downloaded game in the world in the second quarter of 2019 on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. According to the Annie app, the Free Fire game topped the ranking of monthly active users in Latin America in the second quarter of 2019.


Free Fire is the world’s largest and engaged global sports community. Gar to host Free Fire World Cup for the first timeMore than 2,70,000 people attended the 2 day event of ena world 2019. The Free Fire World Cup got a total of 27 million (2.7 crore) views. At one time, 1.1 million (11 lakh) people were watching the World Cup live on YouTube. The recently held Free Fire Pro League Brazil 2019 has been viewed by 13 million (13 million) people on YouTube alone. Free Fire has been downloaded by 500 million people.

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Free Fire’s Back Story

First of all we will talk about the back story of Free Fire, because only after knowing the backstory you will know on which concept this game runs and almost all the Battlegrounds games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty in Everybody has some backstory. So fans of Free Fire should also be aware of the backstory of Free Fire.


The back story of Free Fire is that there is a Mysterious Organization named FF (Free Fire), the only job of this organization is to capture people and keep them in a place where they are brainwashed. 

So that he forgets all his old memories and the team of scientists there also does a lot of genetic modification inside them so that they can be made better than before. 


After that they are taken in a plane and landed on an island named Bermuda with the help of a parachute and they are given the task of survival and the team of scientists who are present there keeps a very close watch on all the people. and notices his fighting skills very closely. 

Then whatever survives in the end, this scientist does more genetic modification inside that means make it better than before, and make it stronger so that it can perform better in all the battles to come. So this was the back story of Free Fire.

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Free Fire The Untold Story 

Many people think that PUBG Mobile came before Free Fire on the mobile platform but in reality Free Fire came before PUBG Mobile on the mobile platform. And there is a story behind this too, to know which we have to go in the year 2017, because it all started from then on. 


In 2017, all the Battlegrounds games had become quite popular among the people. Those who do not know the meaning of Battlegrounds, tell them that the Battle Royale game is an online multiplayer video game whose game play is of survival and whoever remains in it till the last is the winner of the game.


The Battle Royale game is similar to a genre within online gaming and takes its name from a 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royale. 

And then on 23 March 2017 Players Unknown Battleground, which we also know as PUBG, whose PC version is released and this game as if created a panic in the world of Battleground games and every online gamer’s word of this game. 

The name was Then Forrest Xiaodong Li, who is the founder of Gareena, gets an idea that why there is no such game inside the mobile platform because mobile is almost all with everyone.


Forrest Xiaodong Li probably didn’t even know that this idea was going to make him a billionaire and very quickly. And as soon as this idea came, he put his gaming developer company 111dots Studio, in the work of making one such game, and within just 7 months, Gareena made and released this game. The beta version of this game came on 20 November 2017.


Beta Version is the version of the game that is given to some limited users to play before the final release so that according to their given reviews and solutions, changes can be made in the final version of the game and this game is finally released. 

The mobile version of PUBG arrived in December 2017 and February 2018, two months after the release of Free Fire. Still, PUBG had left Free Fire far behind in terms of popularity and while Gareena did not pay any attention to the promotion of Free Fire and Gareena could not take advantage of the release two months ago. 

Finally Gareena realized that without promotion her reach could not grow and she started promoting the game world wide and since then Free Fire has not looked back and the game has been getting popular day by day.


In today’s time Free Fire has so far 500M+ downloads on the Google Play Store, due to which Free Fire has crossed the income of $1B so far. And due to the popularity of Free Fire, Free Fire has also got the award of Best Popular Game from Google Play Store in 2019. Another plus point of Free Fire is that it can easily run on any Android or Apple device.


Garena Free Fire Interesting Facts –

  1. Free Fire is an action game where you have to fight your way against 49 people. And you have 10 minutes.
  2. In Garena Free Fire you have to kill everyone who comes in front of you. And with that you get some points.
  3. Free Fire Pro League Brazil 2019 has been viewed by 13 million (13 million) people on YouTube alone. Free fire 500 milon people have downloaded.
  4. Free Fire is played a lot in India and other countries. If you are also fond of playing this game, then it is also necessary to have a good mobile.


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Garena Free Fire Questions –

1. How long after throwing a granite in Free Fire does it explode?

Ans: Whenever you throw a granite, it explodes after 4.5 seconds. Now you throw it on the ground, throw it in the air or throw it at your team members, it doesn’t matter.

2. Booyah! What does this word mean?

Ans: This word means Joy, Excitement, Happiness and if you search this word in Google then it is written there It is a word which used to express joy, especially over a well-played or victorious moment in sport, This means that this word is used to denote happiness, especially when you do a lot of work or perform well in the sports section, then this word can be used.

3. In which country is Free Fire played the most?

Ans: According to the report of November 2019, Free Fire is played the most in these 3 countries Brazil, India and Indonesia.


4. Which country is Free Fire from?


It is made in Singapore, Free Fire is made by Garena, a Singapore based company.


5. How much is the earning of 1 day of Free Fire?


Ans: Free Fire 1 day gross is 45 million US dollars.


6. Free fire came first or pubg?


PUBG is made in South Korea, and Free Fire Game is made by Garena in Singapore.


7. Which country is Free Fire from?


Garena Free Fire is made by a Singapore based company Garena.


8. Where we play Free Fire start?


Garena Free Fire is just on now you can play in your phone.


9. What is the number of Garena Free Fire?


Free Fire’s number is 800-841-7954.


10. Which is the best gun in Free Fire?


AWM is considered one of the best weapons in Free Fire.


11. Which is the most dangerous gun in free fire?


Ans: M1887 is called the most dangerous gun in free fire.

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