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Nowadays everyone wants to get a good muscular body, for this people are also working hard. This is a good thing, we also keep giving you fitness tips regularly on our blog. Today we will show you 8 such Body Banane Ki Exercise Will tell which are considered to be the most useful in Muscle Building, and are also in the true sense.

People who go to the gym do a lot of exercises there, in the beginning new boys are not well aware of them. They do not know which exercise is so beneficial. So today they will also come to know which exercises should be done to build the body and which exercise is the best.

If you live in a city, then you get many good gyms, where goods are available for almost every type of exercise and you can also do many machine exercises. But many people who are fond of making body live in such an area where good gym and equipments are not available, so what should those poor people do.

Top Best Body Building Exercises – Which Exercises To Do To Build The Body

That is why today we are going to tell you some such Body Banane Ki Exercises, which people living in small rural areas can easily make a very good body. Because these are exercises that do not require much stuff. You can easily do all these exercises even in a small fat gym.

You can make a great body by doing just these 8 exercises, because they are considered to be the most powerful and effective of all the exercises. Although you will not be able to match a professional bodybuilder just by doing this exercise, but we are sure that you will be able to easily build a better body than an average.

So let’s not delay again and know about those 8 best exercises to make muscles. Along with telling you the name of the exercise, we will also tell you their work and benefits. Along with this, we are also showing you the picture of every exercise.

8 best body building exercises – Body Banane Ki Exercise

(1) Bench PressBench press is the most popular exercise in the world, it is one of the favorite exercises of all gym boys. This is a chest exercise.

This exercise is done to make the chest wide and to bring it bulge. There is no difficult exercise in doing this, just lie down on the bench and raise the barbell up and down.

Body Banane Ki Exercise

But there are some things to keep in mind in this, like you should hold the barbell from the right place, it is necessary to be wider than the shoulders. Otherwise, your chest will not get that much benefit.

Secondly, even if you show a little speed while raising the weight, but bring the weight down very slowly, only then you will get the full benefit of it.

(2) Barbell CurlWe all know that all the boys who go to the gym or do exercise at home, they all want that first of all their biceps should be made as soon as possible. That is why Barbell Curl is one of the most preferred Body Banana Ki Exercise.

Barbell Curl Exercise For Arms It works to increase the size of the biceps. As you can see in the picture, it is very easy to do. While doing this, it is important to keep some things in mind, such as not bending your waist while raising the barbell.

Some people do waist bands with jerks while lifting weights, this is wrong. In this way you will not get the full benefit of this exercise. Apart from this, it is important to hold the barbell from the right place, give as much gap as the width of your shoulders.

(3) Squats50% of all the people who do gym make a big mistake, and that is not doing squat exercise. This exercise increases the size of your thighs and it is also necessary to do it.

Because the body has its own rule that all its muscles grow in the same proportion. If you do not exercise the thighs, then their size will not increase. And if their size does not increase, then the size of small muscles like Biceps, Triceps and Chest etc. will also increase very little.

Best Exercise For Thighs

In this exercise, you have to keep the barbell weight on your shoulders and then slowly go up and down. Keep in mind that while coming down, you should not go down too much and do not stay up too much, you have to sit parallel to your knees.

(4) Dumbell CurlThis is one of the best exercises to increase the size of biceps through dumbbells. You can do this while standing as well as sitting on a bench or stool. You have to lift the dumbell in both your hands and alternately raise the dumbell with different hands.

best exercise to build body

Take care not to bend your waist and bring the dumbell down slowly. Whether you do it sitting or standing, you will get equal benefits in both the ways. By doing both Barbell Curls and Dumbbell Curls Exercise, the size of the biceps increases very quickly.

(5) Barbell Standing Press– This is a quick and good Body Banana Ki Exercise, in which the condition of many people becomes thin. This is the exercise of Shoulder, it makes our shoulders broad and strong. First of all, you have to hold the barbell properly and keep the back side on your shoulders.

Barbell Standing Press Exercise

After that it has to be raised up and slowly bring it down. Keep in mind that it should not happen that one hand is left below and the other above it, keep your form absolutely right. These exercises increase your strength very quickly.

(6) CrunchesOur body will feel good only when our stomach is completely flat. That’s why people do crunches so that their stomach can become flat as soon as possible. It is a good thing to do crunches but if you eat more sweet or high calorie food then it will not work.

Top Muscles Banane Ki Exercise

Crunches will be beneficial for you only when your diet is completely clean. There are many more precautions that need to be taken while doing crunches, which we will mention in our upcoming posts.

(7) Triceps PushdownTo increase the size of the arms, it is necessary to increase the size of the triceps, the size of the arms does not increase by exercising the biceps alone. Triceps make up 70% of our arms. Triceps Pushdown is a very good exercise to increase the size of the triceps.

Triceps Pushdown Exercise

As you see in the picture, you have to stand in front of the rope and hold it and pull it down with your hands. After that take it up again and bring it back down. This is very effective and the best exercise for the body. Due to this, the size of your triceps increases in a few days.

(8) Single Arm Dumbell RowThe body looks good only when the back of a man is also good. We all know that nowadays V shape body is in trend, and for this it is necessary to make back. You can easily do this exercise with a dumbbell as shown in the picture above.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row Body Banane Ki Exercise

First of all, lean forward by resting your knees on the bench. After that, hold the dumbbell with the hand on the opposite side and bring the hand up to your waist with the force of your back. By doing this exercise, your back becomes very good in a few days.

So this was the best exercise to build muscles. Although there are many other exercises, but these are the 8 basic exercises which are most important to increase muscle mass. It is just necessary to do these exercises in the right way, so that you can get good results as soon as possible.

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So these were the 8 best Body Banane Ki Exercise – Best Top Best Exercises to Build Body By doing which you can make a good body. You must have understood well which exercises to do to build the body. You can see that you do not need any special machine nor any coach in this.

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