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It is often seen that boys who are serious about the gym, they often find themselves talking about calories etc. Because it is very important in bodybuilding. Talking about this, today we will tell you that Calories Kya Hai And how many calories should we take daily?

We can say with the claim that 40% of the people who exercise and without exercise, still do not know clearly about what are the calories and what is their importance in bodybuilding. But you do not worry at all, today we are going to tell you What Is Calorie .

Whenever we eat something, our body gets calories by eating that thing. It is a different matter whether those calories are healthy or not. At the end of the post, we will also tell you how many calories we get by eating which thing. In this we have included some common foods which almost all of us keep eating.

You must have seen many such people who were very thin earlier and have become fat now. Or there are some people who used to be fat earlier but now they are getting thinner day by day. Why does this happen Well, it depends on many things. But the main reason for this thing is only 2. One is Metabolism and the other is Calories.

On the other hand, you must have also seen many such people whose body is very strong by the way. Meaning those who have very good muscles, but there is no unnecessary fat anywhere on their body. Such people take care of calories in such a way that miserly people eat pie. Because it is very important for them to count calories.

As soon as the calories became more or less, consider that the structure of his body deteriorated. Well, if you are not able to understand all these things, then first of all let us tell you what are these calories? Why are they so important? Also, you will know what is Calories Intake and what is the function of Calories in our body.

What Are Calories – Calories Kya Hai

You all know that we need energy to do all our small and big work. From where do we get this energy? For this we have to eat food and our body prepares energy from that food. The unit of measurement of that energy is called Calorie.

Just as the smallest unit of measurement of weight is Gram, the measurement of water is in milliliters, in the same way how much energy we will get from the food taken by us, the name of the unit of measurement for that is Calorie. There are 1000 Calories in 1 Kilo Calories and 1 Calorie is equal to 4.186 Joules.

When we do any kind of physical labor, only calories are spent. So do you understand the calories? The unit of measurement of how much energy we will get from any type of food we eat is called Calorie.

How many calories should be taken daily

We need calories for every physical activity we do. Even breathing requires calories. Mainly we get 3 things from the food we eat.

(1) Carbohydrates

(2) Protein

(3) Fat

Now here we will know how many calories we get from these three things. We get 4 calories from 1 Gram Carbohydrates. Similarly, we also get 4 calories from 1 Gram Protein. Now it comes to fat i.e. fat, fat has more calories, we get 9 calories from 1 gram of fat.

So you must have understood that we get different amounts of calories when we eat things containing Carbs, Fat and Protein. This is the reason that by eating more of the things in which fat is more, we start getting fat. Empty Calories have the biggest hand in spoiling our body.

Here it is also important for you to know that what is Empty Calories. Many times we eat such things from which we do not have any kind of health benefit. Meaning there is no nutritious element of any kind in those things such as neither Protein, nor Vitamins nor Minerals etc.

So the calories obtained from such things are called Empty Calories. We do not get any kind of energy from them. They just fill our stomach and quench our hunger. Apart from this, they are of no use.

We get only Empty Calories from many types of Fastfoods and Junk Foods. We need calories to do any kind of work. Even our heart needs calories to beat. But we should try not to take empty calories.

We should take calories through such things which are beneficial for our health. We get a certain amount of calories by eating everything. What did we eat during the day? When the calories from all those things are added, then the total that is there is called Calories Intake.

That is, it is a simple matter that the calories taken by us in a given time are called Calories Intake. So after understanding Calories Kya Hai very well, now we will find out how many calories we should take daily.

See friends, by the way, the need for calories can be different for every person. Because the requirement of calories depends on many things, such as your weight, age and what kind of work you do throughout the day.

Meaning how much hard work do you do throughout the day. Still, to make you fat fat, we have calculated the need of average calories for both men and women. What we are going to tell you here.

Calories Kya Hai

How Much Calories We Should Take In English –

If you are a woman then you should take at least 1400-1700 calories daily. Men need to take in a little more calories than women. A common man must take at least 1700 to 2000 calories in a day so that he can remain healthy and perform all his hard work properly.

So friends, you must have understood how many calories we should take daily. But it was for the common people who do not do Workout/Exercise etc. Now let’s talk about the people who exercise.

Also know how many calories they should take daily. For this we tell you a simple formula. With which you can easily calculate the need of your calories.

First of all, find out your weight, how much weight do you have. After that just multiply it by 40. Whatever answer comes, it is the need of your calories. Meaning like if your weight is 60 kg then you need 60 * 40 = 2400 calories. It’s not a very simple way.

how many calories to consume to gain weight

If you want to gain weight, then you have to take 500 calories more than the calories you need. Meaning, suppose your weight is 50 kg, then the number of calories you need to gain weight will be – 50*40+500=2500. Meaning from now on you will have to take 2500 calories.

How many calories should be taken for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, then you have to take 500 calories less than the calories you need. Meaning that if your weight is 80 kg then your calorie requirement will be 80 * 40 = 3200 Calories. Now you subtract 500 calories from this, that means 3200-500=2700.

Meaning from now on you start taking 2700 calories a day, gradually your weight will decrease. Now we will know about the amount of calories available from some such things, which we all normally use to eat and drink.

How many calories do we get from what we eat

1 Chapati (Wheat – Medium Size) – 70 Calories

1 bowl of vegetable (any vegetable) – 120 Calories

1 Glass Milk (250 Ml) – 250 Calories

1 Glass Buttermilk (250 ML) – 130 Calories

10 grams sugar – 50 calories

1 Banana – 105 Calories

1 Mango (250 grams) – 170 Calories

Desi Ghee (25 grams) – 250 Calories

1 cup tea – 40 calories

1 plate rice (150 grams) – 520 Calories

1 bowl of lentils (all types) – 105 to 160 calories

1 Apple – 95 Calories

1 egg (including yellow part) – 78 Calories

1 Orange – 45 Calories

Chicken (200 grams) – 500 Calories

Mutton (200 grams) – 580 Calories

Wheat Porridge (1 plate 150 grams) – – 450 Calories

Here we have told you about the common food and drink items used by common people. This will help you to know how many calories we get from which thing. You can easily guess how much you ate throughout the day, meaning how many calories were consumed.

Our weight depends only on the calories taken by us. If you want to lose weight, then take fewer calories daily and if you want to increase weight, then increase your calorie intake too. So you must have understood that how much calories are important for our body.

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