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In this article you will learn Creatine Kya Hai And how to use Creatine? Also will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of Creatine. What do boys who exercise do not do to build a body as quickly as possible. When the food of the house does not work, then their eyes go towards the Supplements.

One of those supplements is Creatine. It is generally seen that the first supplement of most of the boys going to the gym is Creatine Monohydrate. Because the benefits of taking Creatine are not hidden from anyone. By the way, our own body also produces Creatine in sufficient quantity.

But to build bigger muscles, a little more Creatine is needed. We get creatine mostly from non-vegetarian things, so creatine is more important and more beneficial for those who do not eat non-vegetarian food.

When you talk about it with many boys in the gym, many boys also say that it is a steroid. It is not like that at all, it is a natural element that our body makes itself. Yes, it is a different matter that many Supplements found in the market are fake, in which cheap Steroids are mixed.

They can harm us. Today we are going to tell you in full detail what is Creatine and how it works. Also, you will know how to use Creatine, how it is used.

What Is Creatine – Creatine Kya Hai

You all must have heard about Amino Acids that how important they are for our body. Due to the lack of amino acids, our body gets tired very quickly and we are not able to do heavy work for a long time.

Creatine is a mixture of many such amino acids. You understand that it is mainly made by mixing 3 types of Amino Acids. Let us tell you the names of those three amino acids.

(1) Arginine

(2) Methionine

(3) Glycine

Available in both forms of Creatine Powder and Pills. When it is made, no other types of chemicals are added to it, it is made only by mixing these three amino acids. Knowing what is Creatine Monohydrate Powder, now know how Creatine works.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creatine

Just as we explained to you in simple language that Creatine Kya Hai, we will explain how Creatine works. As we told you above that Amino Acids increase our energy level, and Creatine is made up of 3-3 amino acids, so you can guess how powerful it must be.

Creatine reaches our muscles by mixing in the blood. When we exercise, we need energy, from here the work of Creatine starts, it increases our energy supply and with that our power increases.

You can try this thing yourself, if you are able to lift weight up to 60 KG in Bench Press now, then just 10 days after you start taking Creatine, you will be able to lift weight up to 65-70 kg very comfortably. .

And when you lift more weight, the muscles will get a bigger challenge. When this happens, the size of your muscles will start increasing. That’s just the reason for taking Creatine. The benefits of creatine are excellent for those people who lack strength. Similar people use Creatine.

Apart from this, Creatine Monohydrate keeps water in our muscles i.e. performs Water Retention. Due to which our muscles start looking bigger i.e. bloated.

Creatine directly increases your ability to lift weights. But there was a right way to use everything. If you want to take full advantage of this supplement, then you should know the right way to take Creatine. Let’s know about it too.

How To Use Creatine

Many boys, after buying Creatine from the market, just start taking it directly. Let us tell you that there is a right way to use it, it cannot be taken like other such Supplements.

First of all, we have to load Creatine in the body and in the loading phase we have to take Creatine in more quantity. Simply put, in the first 7 days you have to take more Creatine Powder, about 10-15 grams per day.

After that you just have to maintain it, that means even after taking less Creatine, your work goes on. So the right way to take it is that for the first 7 days, you take 10-15 grams per day, and after that you can take between 5-8 grams daily.

If you use it according to this method, then only you will be able to get the benefits of using Creatine completely. Also you have to drink a lot of water. Keep in mind, as long as you take Creatine, drink plenty of water, do not let there be a lack of water in the body.

Creatine Benefits And Side Effects – Advantages and Disadvantages of Creatine

(1) The biggest advantage of Creatine is that it increases your power. Your stamina to exercise increases.

(2) Common people who do not eat meat, they get Creatine in very small quantities, but when they take Creatine through Supplements, their energy level increases tremendously.

(3) Your stamina increases due to taking Creatine, you are able to lift more and more weight, which is very important to remove the size of our muscles. Muscles are formed quickly by its use.

(4) Creatine also affects your brain, it increases your stamina. This is the reason why your performance in the gym improves after you start taking Creatine.

Creatine Kya Hai

It also affects your mental thinking. After using it, you will start feeling that “I can do all this”. Earlier, you used to lose sweat in applying the weight, now you can easily apply it.

(5) Creatine keeps water in your muscles, it has 2 benefits. One, there is no shortage of water in the body and secondly, the muscles always look big and you are always full of confidence.

Creatine Ke Nuksan

If Creatine is used correctly and in the proper amount, then the harm or side effects of Creatine Powder are negligible. The thing to keep in mind is that it should not be used continuously for a very long time.

Doing this can cause problems to our kidneys. This supplement is a bit heavy for the kidneys. To protect them, drink more water while taking Creatine. The advantage of this is that our body keeps getting detoxed.

If someone is suffering from any heart related disease, then he should also consult his doctor before taking Creatine. Apart from this, if you use it carefully, then you will get only its benefits, its disadvantages are zero.

But nowadays people have started selling cheap Steroids in Creatine Powder. Stay away from such cheap and fake supplements. Because this type of creatine can increase the level of estrogen in your body, which can cause many problems.

Here you got complete information about Creatine Monohydrate Supplement here. Know everything about Creatine Kya Hai and how to use it. But still people related to Creatine have many common questions which we are trying to answer here.

Answers to questions related to the use of Creatine Powder

Question – Is it completely safe to take Creatine powder?

Answer If you do not have any disease related to Heart, Liver or Kidneys then it is safe to use it in a limited amount.

Question Is Creatine Monohydrate a type of Steroid? Does it also contain any harmful chemicals?

Answer – No, Creatine is a completely natural element. It is neither a steroid nor does it contain harmful chemicals. But Avoid Fake Creatine Supplements.

Question Can we use it for as long as we want?

Answer No, you should use it continuously for a maximum of 1 month. After that stop taking it for at least 20 days.

Question Do you get used to using this Creatine? Meaning is it addictive?

Answer – No, it is not a habit, you can leave it comfortably whenever you want.

Question Does using creatine cause hair loss?

Answer – In some cases this comes to the fore. 3-4 people out of 100 get to see this side effect.

Question Is it necessary to load it in the body?

Answer Yes, to get the full benefits, you have to take Creatine Powder in large quantity for at least 7 days in the beginning.

Question – Is this supplement really beneficial?

Answer Yes, if it is used properly with good diet and workout, then very good results are seen.

Question – I do not exercise at all. can i use it? Will I get any benefit?

Answer Using it without exercise is almost useless. You are not going to benefit from this.

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