Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari 2022 | Raksha bandhan Wishes 2022.

Raksha bandhan Wishes 2022.

This year Raksha bandhan is celebrated on 11 August. 

History of Raksha Bandhan

Many festivals are celebrated every year in India, one of them is Raksha Bandhan. The recognition of this festival is quite remarkable in the Hindu society. Raksha Bandhan means a bond (relationship) that protects you. Although this festival is considered to be an example of brother-sister love, but according to mythology – Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival of brother-behen. Some of the mythological stories related to Rakhi, which are examples of the true nature of this festival, are as follows. So come, know the history of Rakhi .


Story of Sikandar and Puru

Alexander has a lot of names in world history. It is said that after conquering the whole world, when Alexander reached India, he faced the Indian king Puru. Puru was a very strong and brave king, and he also made Alexander the dust in the battlefield. When Sikandar’s wife came to know about her husband’s defeat, she was very scared. After that, he also came to know about the Indian festival Raksha Bandhan and its recognition. Then Sikandar’s wife sent a Rakhi to King Puru to save her husband’s life. King Puru was a little surprised to get the Rakhi, but while respecting the Rakhi, he considered giving up in front of Alexander better than attacking him during the war. For this reason, when confronted with Alexander in the war, King Puru did not attack Alexander, but became his captive. When Sikandar came to know about the Rakhi tied on Puru’s wrist by his wife, Sikandar also returned his kingdom to King Puru with respect.


So this was Raksha Bandhan History  in the form of a mythological story. Come let’s go ahead, know about the rest of the stories.


Story of Shri Krishna and Draupadi

A very beautiful story which makes the relationship of brother and sister even more beautiful, it is mentioned in Mahabharata. This story is called beautiful because this story tells us that it is not necessary to be engaged to make the festival of Raksha Bandhan, that is, Raksha Bandhan can be celebrated even with a brother-in-law. According to the legend, when Yudhishthira was performing Rajayus Yagya in Indraprastha, Shri Krishna and Shishu Pal were also present in that meeting. In a crowded meeting, Shishu Pal insults Shri Krishna, according to which Shri Krishna kills him with his Sudarshan Chakra. After this, a finger of Shri Krishna gets bitten from the same chakra and blood starts flowing from it. Seeing this, Draupadi, who was in the meeting, runs to Shri Krishna and rips off the pallu of her sari, tying it to Shri Krishna’s severed finger. On which Shri Krishna, with great joy, promises Draupadi that he will repay the debt of each thread to Draupadi. Therefore, when Kauravas rip off Draupadi, then Shri Krishna saves Draupadi’s shame by increasing Draupadi’s rag (sari). It is also said that the day Draupadi ties a rag in Krishna’s finger, it was the full moon day of Shravan Moss.


So this was another Raksha Bandhan Story  for you.



King Bali, Lord Vishnu, and Mother Lakshmi

King Bali was a very charitable king and he was also a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Once King Bali organized a yagya in his palace, during which Lord Vishnu decided to test King Bali. That is, Lord Vishnu took the Vamanavatar and reached the Yagya and asked King Bali for three steps of land. But Vishnu ji measured the whole earth and sky in two steps, on which King Bali realized that it is Vamana Vishnu ji who is testing him. King Bali was a king and the words that came out of the king’s mouth never go back, then King Bali thought and got Vishnu’s foot placed on his head for the third step. Then he requested Vishnu ji that now that everything of King Bali is gone, then Vishnu ji should walk with him and stay in Hades. Vishnu ji obeyed his supreme devotee and left Baikuntha and went to Hades. On the other hand, Mother Lakshmi got worried and she made a leela to bring back her groom and she took the form of a poor woman and reached the palace of King Bali. After reaching there, he tied a rakhi to King Bali, in response to which King Bali said that I have no omen to give you. Then Goddess Lakshmi came in her real form and said that you have my groom, and I want the same groom as an omen. On this King Bali let Lord Vishnu go with Goddess Lakshmi. But while leaving, Lord Vishnu gave a boon to King Bali that every year Vishnu ji would reside in Hades for four months. And since then these four months are known as Chaturmas which are from Devshayani Ekadashi to Devuthauni Ekadashi.


So this was the story behind Raksha Bandhan , where the importance of each story is different. There are many more such stories which you can read on our page. With this we bid farewell and hope that all of you have also started shopping for Rakhi Gifts for Bhaiya Bhabhi online. So we meet you till then with our next blog – Shubh Raksha Bandhan.



The rakhis used to be in ancient times or medieval times are not the same nowadays. Now the form of Rakhi has changed a lot. Not only did the form of Rakhi change, but earlier Rakhi was not called Rakhi. This means that along with the name, the form has also changed. This time Rakhi’s market is also seen in trendy look. Every design rakhi is decorated in a very stylish way. Come let’s know interesting information.


Raksha Bandhan Different Name :

1. Rakhi was earlier called Raksha Sutra.

2. Also called Kalawa or Mouli.

3. This Raksha Sutra turned into Rakhi.

4. The Raksha Sutra is colloquially called Rakhi, which is an aberration of the Sanskrit word ‘Rakshika’ of the Vedas.

5. In medieval times it came to be called Rakhi.

6. Before Rakhi was called Rakshasa, it was also called Shravani or Saluno.

7. Similarly it has come to be known by different names in each province.

8. Nariyaya Purnima, Baleva and Avani Avittam in the South, Ramrakhi and Chudarakhi or Loomba in Rajasthan are called.



Changed Format:

1. This holy festival of brother and sister was celebrated differently in ancient times.

2. First there was a thread of yarn, then they started tying the knot.

3. Then there was the practice of tying a knot like a knot

4. Later, beautiful flowers were made and pasted from foam on a strong thread, which came to be called Rakhi.

5. At present there are many forms of Rakhi.

6. Rakhi can range from a cheap item like raw cotton to colorful artefacts, silk thread, and expensive item like gold or silver.

7. In Rajasthan, Nimar or Malwa, it is customary to tie Ramrakhi and Chudarakhi or Lumba. Ramrakhi has a yellow splatter on a red thread.

8. Now there is a lot of variety of rakhis in the market, which are indigenous. This time Kundan Rakhi, Meenakari Rakhi, Eddie American Rakhi, Polki Rakhi are being seen in the market. They are also decorated with silk thread and beads have also been used on them.

9. The bracelet style remains the same as every year.

10. Jaipuri Loomba Rakhi for sister-in-law has also come in the market this time.

11. Like last year for children, this year also Chinese Rakhi is going on more. These contain rakhis with different cartoon characters. The special thing is that they are all lights.

12. This time light weight jewelery is being prepared at the jewelery shop for the festival of Rakhi. Swastik, Om writing rakhis are also being prepared in gold and silver.


Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari  2021 | Raksha Bandhan quotes 2021 | Raksha bandhan Wishes 2021


👉Happy Raksha Bandhan to all. May God bless you All. 

If you want to wish us then please coment below.👈


1. It is a symbol of brother-sister love.

 It is illuminated with affection, security, respect,

 Rakshabandhan festival with drizzle,

 See the shower of happiness in the season of Sawan,

 Brother’s wrist will be adorned with sister’s love,

 Sister’s face will bloom with brother’s gift,

 What a pure relationship, what a pure relationship,

 This is the most sacred festival, it is liked by everyone !!

 Raksha Bandhan Ki Hardik Badhaai



2.  Savannah is drizzling,

The festival of Rakshabandhan is 

There is a sweet quarrel between brother and sister, 

Such is the festival of love and happiness.

Raksha bandhan ki shubhkamnaye


3. Sandalwood thread silk thread,

The fragrance of Sawan, the rain of rain!

 Brother’s hope sisterly love,

 Happy “Raksha Bandhan” festival to you!!


4.  Make us sleep forgetting your sleep,

 Everyone laughed by dropping their tears,

 Never give pain to that great avatar,

 Whom the age says brother


5. Neend Apni Bhulaa Kar Sulaaye Humko,

 AansuApne Gira Kar Hasaye Sabko,

 Dard Kabhi Na Dena Us Mahaan Avtaar

 Jamana Jise Kehtaa Hai Bhai Jisko.


6.  Brother sister love,

 As pure as the Ganges,

 I believe in silk threads.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


7.  God bless, stay with the family!

 Don’t let sorrow be near you, may happiness always be at your door.

 May there be joy in life, do not face sorrows,

 On the festival of Rakhi, this is the wish of your brother.



8.  May your life be illuminated,

 May never touch you

 Lots of happiness to you

 God bless always!!

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


9. Brother sister love bond,

 Is a boon in this world,

 There is no other relationship like this,

Want to find the whole world.


10.  Whenever Rakhi festival comes,

 Increases brother and sister love!

 Sister ties Rakhi to brother,

 Brother takes oath to protect sister!!

 Happy Raksha Bandhan.


11. Our relationship is of births,

 Full of trust and love!

 Let’s tie it up

 In the unbreakable bond of Rakhi!!

 Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021


12.  I often remember that bygone era,

 In your sweet voice to call me brother!

 He wakes me up in the morning for school,

 Sister has come with Rakhi, this is the measure of brother-sister love!!

 Happy Raksha Bandhan to All


13.   Shayari on Raksha Bandhan

 Shayari on Raksha Bandhan

 Sister may only love caress,

 Doesn’t ask for big gifts,

 Relationship for centuries,

 Thousands of happiness to my brother!!

 Wishing you a very “Happy Rakhi”…


14.   Rakhi is a strong thread made of raw threads,

 Rakhi is the competition of love and sweet mischief!

 Rakhi is a blessing for brother’s long life.

 Rakhi is the holy smoke of sister’s love!!

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


15.  These are the most unique relationships in the throes of relationships.

 The unique bond that makes the relationship between brother and sister!

 Rakshabandhan is a unique festival.

 Let’s celebrate and greet everyone!!

 Many Happy Raksha Bandhan


16. Rakhi is the painter of childhood memories

 Rakhi is the gift of happiness in every home.

 Rakhi is the feeling of education, of sweetness,

 Rakhi is the mutual trust of brother and sister,

 Rakhi is the heart’s peace and sweet emotion,

 Rakhi is not about words, but about pure hearts.


17. This is the love of brother and sister and,

 Coming to increase this love!

 Rakshabandhan festival.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


18. Our relationship is of births,

 Full of trust and love,

 Let’s tie it brother in the unbreakable bond of Rakhi.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan wishes


19. I often remember that bygone era,

 To call you brother in your sweet voice,

 Subha wake me up for that school,

 Sister has come with Rakhi,

 This is the scale of brother-sister love.


20. Yaad Aata Hai Aksar Wo Guzra Jamana,

 Teri Meethi Si Awaj Me Bhaiya Kehkar Bulana!

Wo School Ke Liye Subha Mujhko Jagana, 

Aai Hai Rakhi Lekar Didi,

 Yahi Hai Bhai-Bahan Ke Pyar Ka Tarana!!


21.  My brother is dearer than Chanda,

 My brother is different than the sun,

 Brother gave so much love,

 This life I attacked him,

 Mother gave life but,

 You fixed it,

 I pray with so much happiness…

 Fill your where all.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhai ji


22. Today is a very special day,

 I have something for sister!

 For the sake of your comfort, O sister,

 Your brother is always with you!!


23. When god created the world

 Must be worried about one thing

 How will I take care of so many links,

 Then he would have made a brother for all


24. There are as many stars in the sky, so much life is yours,

 Let no one see, May every happiness in the world be yours!

 This is my only prayer to God on the day of Rakshabandhan!!

 Raksha Bandhan Ki Subhkamnaye


25. I will give you all the happiness of the world,

 I will fulfill every duty of being my brother!!


26. Sister’s love is not less than a prayer,

 Brother and sister’s love even when far away Wouldn’t have been less!!

 Many many “Happy Rakhi” wishes


27. Sister has tied love on brother’s wrist,

 Be happy you have always asked for this gift!!

 “Happy Rakhi” Wishes 2021


28. My dear sister, I have something to say to you,

 Your love has blossomed, every corner of my life.


29.   Sister has tied love on brother’s wrist,

 The world of happiness is tied with two strings of love,

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


30. The stars of flowers say everything,

 My sister in a thousand

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


31.Fighting, quarreling and persuading this is the love of brother and sister,

 The festival of Raksha Bandhan has come to enhance this love.

 Many  many “Happy Rakhi” wishes


32. It is the festival of Rakshabandhan, there is a shower of happiness everywhere,

 Tied in a thread, brother and sister are love.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


33. We remember our childhood

 That fight, that quarrel and that convincing,

 Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021 to all brothers and sisters


43. Happy brothers to sisters

 Happy sisters’ love to the wrists of brothers,

 May this happiness always be in your life,

 “Happy Rakhi” festival to all of you.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


34. We beat a girl so thought our lottery was out,

 To meet you on a date, hi my broken luck!

 She left after tying Rakhi.

 “Happy Rakhi” and “Happy Rakhi”


35. They make us guilty of every charge,

 The punishment of every Khata is told with great love to us!

 And fucking we shut up every time,

 Because every time she shows the fear of “Rakshabandhan”.

 Good Raksha Bandhan…


36.  Lord bless you with happiness

 Let your girlfriend tie you a Rakhi,

 You have a sister’s love, and let me also find my old friend.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


37.  Not because of the girl’s refusal,

 Not with a shower of slippers!

 Boys will only improve

 From the festival of “Rakhi”!!

 Raksha Bandhan Ki Shubhkamnaye


38. Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari 2021

 The streets are decorated with flowers,

 Girls are sitting on every mode

 I don’t know where you come from

 That’s why everyone has a Rakhi in their hands.

 Good Raksha Bandhan…


39.   Every girl is waiting for you,

 Every girl is looking forward to you,

 Every girl loves you

 Friend, this is none of your wonder,

 After a few days there is a festival of ‘Rakhi’.


40.   His beauty was gone, the liver was ripped,

 An arrow left badly from the eyes,

 She smiled, came closer

 Said, get the Rakhi tied, my heroic!


41.   Raksha Bandhan Ki Pyari Shayari

 Your discussion is in every street

 There’s love for you in every girl’s heart

 It’s not a miracle, it’s just time

 Because Rakhi festival is in few days



42.   What should I tell man, the story of my destiny

 Written something like this,

 The hands with which I wanted to give roses

 She went away after tying a rakhi in the same hands.

 “Happy Rakhi”



43.   Rakhi festival was

 Some brother was ready to tie rakhi

 Brother said behna, tie my rakhi now,

 Bahna said, put the wrist back, first give a thousand rupees.



44.  God bless you get thousand of happiness,

 Better friend than me

 My girlfriend tied you rakhi

 Love you and a sister


45.   Used to come

 Laughed, used to laugh

 Ran, ran

 Used to call

 But found out today

 She wanted to tie me a rakhi

Happy Raksha Bandhan


46. If you find any unknown parcel, please do not open it

 There is also a Rakhi in it.

 Your little carelessness can make you brother

 “Men released in public interest…”

 “Happy Rakhi”


47.   Hope has sunk

 The world of dreams swept away

 What is your respect now?

 When a Jakas item called you ‘Bhaiya’


48.   What can i say guys

 Story of my fate

 It was written like this…

 The hands that wanted to give roses

 She went away after tying a rakhi in the same hands.


49.   She makes us worthy of every charge,

 She tells us the punishment of every khata,

 We are always silent

 Because every time she shows the fear of Raksha Bandhan.


50.   I pray from my heart to you,

 Never let there be a feeling of sorrow in the mind,

 May sadness never touch you,

 May the moonlight of happiness shine in your life.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


51.   Now it will be on every brother’s hand

 Colored silk strings,

 Brother sister love

 The festival of Rakhi has arrived.

“Happy Rakhi”


52.   Our relationship is of births,

 Full of trust and love!

 Let’s tie it up brother,

 In the unbreakable bond of Rakhi

 ‘Happy Raksha Bandhan’ To My Dearest Bro.”


53.   Raksha Bandhan Images To Brother

 I have got so much love from you, O Behna,

 How can I say this in words,

 You are always happy in this prayer

 Bow my head today…

“Happy Rakhi”


54. O Lord, my prayers have so much effect,

 May my Behna’s house always be full of flowers.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


55.   Sandalwood flower necklace,

 The month of August, the rain of Sawan,

 Brother’s wrist, Sister’s love,

 Good luck to you

 The festival of Raksha Bandhan!


56.   I often remember that bygone era,

 To call you brother in your sweet voice,

 That morning your wake me up for school,

 What to do now, this is the flow of life.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


57.   A festive festival has come,

 In which there is brother and sister love,

 Let’s celebrate this festival of protection!

Happy Raksha Bandhan.


58.   Happy brothers to sisters Say,

 Happy sisters’ love to the wrists of brothers,

 May this happiness always be in your life,

 “Happy Rakhi” festival to all of you!!


59.   Lucky is that sister,

 Who has a brother’s hand on his head

 He’s in every trouble

 Fight fight again celebrate with love

 That’s why there is so much love in this relationship

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


 60.   I will make your every sorrow my own,

 I will make you laugh even by crying myself,

 I will hug you in difficulties,

 I will save you from every pain,

 You study and raise your name high,

 That’s why I will earn myself and teach you,

 Why shouldn’t there be a million thorns in my path?

 But for your happiness sister, I will go on smiling on those thorns too.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


 61.   This is the relation of births

 Trust and love

 Let this relationship become even deeper

 Because Rakhi is the festival of love between brothers and sisters.



62.   The world is swinging in red pink color,

 Sunlight and the spring of happiness,

 Moonlight and love of loved ones,

 Wishing you this Rakhi festival


 63.   Those childhood mischief, they play on swings,

 That mother’s scolding, that father’s lad,

 But one thing which is special from all this..

 That is my dear sister’s love

 Happy Raksha Bandhan



64.   Moment by moment feeling

 Feeling builds trust,

Relationships are made by trust,

 And a relationship makes something special

 Wishing A Happy Raksha Bandhan


 65.   The festival of rakhi came

 Spring of happiness

 Tied with a silk string

 Sister put love on brother’s wrist

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


66.   Festival of Festivals

 Rakhi festival

 That reflects

 Brother sister love

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


 67.   Make us sleep forgetting your sleep,

 Make everyone laugh with tears falling

 Never give pain to the incarnation of that goddess

 Whom the age says brother,

 Happy Raksha Bandhan Sweet Sister.



68.   Grew up together and grew up together,

 Got a lot of love in childhood

 Brother sister love

 The festival of rakhi came

 “Happy Rakhi”


69.   The aroma of rice and saffron

 Rakhi, tilak, sweets and showers of happiness

 Sister’s love and unconditional love

 Happy Rakhi” festival to you


 70.   Be a shining jewel of stars

 My sister is the newest

 The one who tied me rakhi

 My sister is the cutest

 Savan’s cloudy weather in colorful weather

 Sweet sister came with the gift of happiness

 Wrist with Rakhi in brother’s hands

 Be always happy and happy sister-brother

 Happy Raksha Bandhan



71.   We had asked for prayers from the Lord

 Give me a lovely ‘sister’ who is different from all,

 That God gave us a lovely ‘sister’ and said,

 Handle this ‘precious’ is the most!

 “Happy Rakhi”



72.   Success kisses your feet

 Happiness is all around you

 But to pray so much to God

 You give me some commission!

 To my Extremely Lovable & Kanjoos Brother…

 Just Kidding As Always.

 “Happy Raksha Bandhan”



73.   The festival of celebration has come

 Where is brother sister love

 Let’s celebrate this festival of protection



74.   Don’t give me the swing of arms even today

 Don’t give me the swing of arms even today

Brother pick me up today

 Well I am big, but small in mind

 Even today don’t believe my stubbornness

 “Happy Rakhi”


 75.   Raksha Bandhan Images with Quotes

 Remember our childhood

 Fight that fight and convince that

 This is what brother and sister love is

 And this love is coming to increase

 Festival of rakshabandhan



76.   My brother is neither like that nor will there be any other


I will do your worship by taking off the aarti

 I want to come near you, brother.

 Rakhi and chocolate



77.   Flower stars say everything

 I’m in a thousand

 We have to be together for whole life… “Happy Rakhi”



78.   The festival of Rakshabandhan is

 There is a shower of happiness everywhere

 Tied in a thread

 Brother and sister love



79.   Sister Cares And Shares Her Feelings.

She Hears The Unspoken Words.

 She Understands The Invisible Pain.

 I Love My Sister For There For Me.




 80.   We Gain And Lose Things Every Day.

 But Trust Me On One Thing.

 You’ll Never Lose Me.

 I Will Always Be Here.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


 81.   Raksha Bandhan; It’s A Treasure Of Love

 And Security! Keep This Bond

 Everlasting With Pure Heart.



82.   I Wish U ““Happy Rakhi”” And

 I Pray To God For Ur Prosperous Life.

 May You Find All The Delights Of Life,

 May Ur All Dreams Come True.

 My Best Wishes Will Always Be With You

 And I Wish That U’ll Always Shower Your Blessings On Me.



83.   Unbreakable It’s A Bond Of Faith!

 Unbeaten It’s A Sense Of Delight!

It’s Not Only The Band It’s A Wrap

 Of Security With Infinite Care For!

 Happy Raksha Bandhan


 84.   Sister, You Are Like A Fragrant Rose.

 Sister, You Are The Greatest Gift Of Life.

 Sister, You Lift My Spirit To Newer Heights.

 Sister, You Make Me Feel Special Always.

 Happy Raksha Bandhan To My Lovely Sister



85. May This Rakhi Bring You Everything.

 You Desire And Everything You Dream Of.

 May Success Accompany You In Every Step That You Take.

 Have A Blessed Rakhi


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