How to Warm Up – What is Warm Up and what are its benefits

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We are here once again with a new topic for the boys who exercise. today we will talk How to warm up and what are the benefits of doing it, Whether you believe it or not, but still you will find many such people who may not know till now what is Warm Up and for what it is done, that means why it is important.

They will not have any idea about why the body should be warmed before heavy exercise and what is the right way to warm up. But you do not worry at all, we will give you the answer of all these things and will also tell you how long the warm-up should be done.

Warming up is very important. Before starting the workout, your body must be warmed up a bit. Anytime you go to any gym, there you will see that all the boys who enter there do warm up before starting their main exercises.

Or you can see in any sport, players will be seen warming you up before the start of the match. How to warm up is a matter of later. But before that it is important to know that what is Warm Up after all.

Warm Up क्या है – What Is Warm Up

See, let us take the example of Gym here. What do we do in the gym? Lift heavy heavy weights, and repeat this process over and over again. So before doing this process, we have to prepare our body first. To prepare, we have to warm up our body a little and stretch the muscles and make them a little flexible.

Before heavy exercise, we do many activities to make our body warm and muscles flexible. Like jumping, jogging, jumping rope or streching your body. Actually all these things are called Warm Up.

Warm Up Kya Hota Hai

It simply means that before starting any major exercise, increase your body temperature a little and do stretching. This makes it easier for you to exercise. Some boys are so passionate and quick to make a body that as soon as they go to the gym, they go straight to heavy heavy weights.

They do not have any idea about how to warm up properly first and for how long. Rather, they have to say that one should not waste their time in Warm Up. This is absolutely wrong. Without Warm Up, if you start exercising directly, then it has many disadvantages.

If you have already joined the gym, then first also know how warm up is done and why it is done. You will not be able to succeed in your objective until you enter the field with complete information. Whether your aim is to make a body or something else.

They say that if you want to win in any game, then learn its nuances. The same thing applies in bodybuilding as well. What is warm up, just knowing this does not work. You also have to apply it to yourself.

From today, always keep in mind that before starting any kind of exercise, the body must be warmed up a bit. Now some people will say that tell me how to do warm up, so without delay, let us tell you the right way to warm up.

How To Do Warm Up – Warm Up कैसे करे

There are many ways to warm up, you can choose any of them. Warming up the body in advance is a very good idea before starting the exercise. Let us know what we should do to warm up in a good way.

(1) Walk very briskly for 5 to 10 minutesIf you walk very fast for some time then your heart beats will increase and your body temperature will also increase. This method is absolutely perfect for those people whose gym is between 1 to 2 km from their home. Those people should reach their gym by walking faster instead of bike.

(2) jump ropeJumping rope is also called skipping. In our view, you cannot find a better way to warm up than this. Jumping rope continuously for just 3 to 5 minutes warms up your whole body in a very good way. Rope is available in almost every gym to warm up.

(3) run for a while– If your age is between 18 to 27 then this method will be best for you. If there is such a place or any such road around the gym where there is not much traffic, then it will be good for you. Before starting the workout, just run 500 to 800 meters, your body will be warm with lightning speed.

(4) Do JumpingKeeping jumping at one place also gives a good warm up. But the problem with this is that you cannot jump continuously for a long time, so this method has to be repeated intermittently.

(5) Do StretchingYou have to keep in mind that along with warming up the body, you also have to do some stretching, especially the body part whose exercise you are going to do that day.

For example, if you have to exercise Shoulder, then do stretching it so that the muscles of the shoulders can be flexible by stretching and can bear the increasing stress during exercise. Stretching is helpful in accelerating your Muscle Growth.

(6) Body Twisting Body twisting means moving the upper part of your body around and stretching the muscles and warming up your body. It is very easy, you just have to twist the commentator slowly towards the left and right side on your waist.

Warm Up Kaise Kare Sahi Tarika

(7) Apply Push Ups By applying Push Ups, your body warms up rapidly. This is an exercise that affects almost your entire body. With Push Ups, even if a little sitting meeting is done, then you do not need to do anything else.

These were the methods of warming up by which you can warm up your body well. Here you must have understood very well how to warm up. Apart from this, there are many other questions like how long should warm up be done and what are the benefits of doing it. Let us answer you all through this post.

Benefits Of Doing Warm Up – Benefits Of Doing Warm Up

If you exercise only after warming up, then believe me, you get up to 40% more benefits than workouts done without warm up. Due to the flexible muscles, they can bear more load, due to which you are able to put more weight.

You know that by applying more weight, the size of the muscles increases. Apart from this, there are other benefits of warm up, such as if you are exercising after warming up the body, then there is no risk of getting injured.

We have heard many times that those who do heavy heavy exercise without warm up often have the problem of Muscle Torn. Meaning if you do not warm up properly, then your muscles can also burst due to excessive load.

By doing warm up, the circulation of blood in our body increases, which increases our energy and we can complete any type of exercise better. So these are the benefits of doing a very good warm up.

Warming up before starting exercise is also beneficial because it increases the level of hormones already in your body which freshen your mood and increase your energy level. By doing this, you are able to do your workout in a better way.

You might not know that by doing heavy exercise directly without warm up, there is a lot of danger to the joints of your body. But if you warm up first then you will not have any such problem.

As we mentioned above that you must do warm up every time before starting heavy exercise, but at the same time you should also know how long to warm up.

Our advice to you is that you can give 10 to 15 minutes to warm up your body. Neither you have to warm up too little nor too much. You should not even warm up so much that you get tired.

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