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Junk Food List Junk Foods i.e. Fast Foods has the biggest hand in spoiling the health of people in this era. Knowing the disadvantages and side effects of Junk Foods to everyone, they do not stop using them. In this article, we will give you detailed information about Fast Foods.

Do you have any idea why new diseases are appearing as time goes on? Look at the time 50 years ago today, was there these diseases at that time? No, there were not so many diseases at that time. Because at that time people used to eat very simple food and used to work hard.

As time passed by, the quality of food declined, and today the situation is such that Junk Foods is the largest sales in the country of India. 60% of Indians are like this, they definitely eat some fast food 3 times a week. You go to eat in any restaurant, the menu that will be in front of you there is only Junk Foods List first.

Look at the children of today, what do those people eat? They do not like home food at all. They also just want to eat all this. That is why the body of today’s children becomes turbulent in the beginning. Because the diseases caused by eating Junk Foods catch them.

Talking about diseases, you would probably know that 90% of diseases start from our stomach, that is, from our food. What we eat has a direct effect on our health, the food itself decides how our health will be.

You can also believe that food is the basis of our life. If you eat healthy things, you will be healthy, and if you start eating fried fruits and vegetables, you will be entangled in various diseases. Let us first tell you what is Junk Food.

Here let us tell you one thing in advance that there is a difference between Junk Foods and Fast Foods. Meaning both are different. Junk Foods includes Namkeen, Kurkure and Chips etc., while Fast Foods includes Burgers, Samosas, Kachoris and Maggi etc.

But we also consider Fast Foods as Junk Foods, because they are equally harmful for the body as Junk Foods. See Junk means garbage. Fast Foods are also like garbage garbage. That is why we have also placed Fast Foods in the category of Junk Foods. This is our personal point of view.

Junk Foods क्या है – What Is Junk Food

People want to know in detail that what food items come in Junk Foods. So for them we have prepared Junk Food List post so that everyone can know whether what you are eating comes in Junk Foods or not. Before knowing the disadvantages of Junk Foods, we will first clear what is Junk Food.

Just think once, why do we feel hungry, why do we eat food. Because our body needs energy to work and nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Which we have to give to our body continuously. When we eat food and if the food is nutritious then we get high quality calories from it.

Disadvantages of Junk Foods

Our body makes energy from those calories and from this energy we get the power to work. That is, both the work is done by our food, one, the body made energy and the other made the body strong with the nutritious elements obtained from food. But Junk Foods do just the opposite, they are of no use.

They only do one thing, and that is to fill your stomach. Other than that they are of no use. Junk Foods are those Processed Foods in which such substandard ingredients are used in making, which has only disadvantages. They give us a lot of calories and these are all empty calories.

That is, neither the body can make energy from these calories nor do they contain any kind of nutrients. They are full of salt, sugar and fat. That is why the disadvantages of eating Junk Foods are so dangerous, because there is not even 1% in them called Nutritious.

Take the example of Burger itself, what happens in a burger made in substandard oil. Substandard oil, substandard sauces and substandard spices, from where will all these benefit you. What will happen with just a single piece of tomato and cucumber? A medium sized Burger gives you 250 Empty Calories.

Think if you eat 1 burger every day, what will it do to you? All these calories will not be of any use to your body and they will only be stored in your body in the form of fat and will work to send new diseases. What are Junk Foods called, you must have understood very well.

What comes in Junk Foods – Junk Food List

Now it is the turn to tell which are the things that we use and they come in the category of Junk and Fast Foods. The purpose of preparing the list of Junk Foods is only that every person should know what they are eating and will it harm or benefit them. Let us tell you the names of Junk Foods in Hindi.

(1) Samosa

(2) Kachori

(3) Chowmein

(4) Pani Puri

(5) salty

(6) Chips

(7) Cold Drinks

(8) Pizza

(9) White Bread

(10) Burger

(11) Pastries

(12) Cookies

(13) Cakes

(14) French Fries

(15) ice cream

(16) Toffee and poor chocolate

(17) Popcorn

(18) Kofta

(19) Dumplings

(20) All juices high in sugar

In Junk Food List , we have tried to tell you the names of such things which you people keep on using. Some people will not put some of these things in the category of Junk Foods, but this is their opinion. According to us, these are all such things that there is no health benefit of eating them.

Even if there is a small profit from something, it is not even 2-3% compared to its disadvantages. After knowing the name, it is the turn to know their dangerous disadvantages. To know how Junk Foods make us sick and the body goes on deteriorating from inside.

Junk Food List

Junk Food Side Effects – Junk Foods के नुकसान

(1) gain unnecessary weightThe biggest disadvantage of eating junk food is that they store unnecessary fat in our body. In no time, our weight increases so much that it becomes a problem for us. We get a lot of calories from junk foods because they are full of sugar, oil, spices and sodium etc.

Due to increasing obesity, many other diseases also take hold of us. Let us give you an example – 3 time simple healthy food and 3 burgers will give you equal calories. Now you choose what you want to eat. If you want to keep the body fit and do not want to look ugly, then do not even touch Junk Foods.

(2) loss of energyYou will not even know when you will become lazy by eating junk food. You will feel that there is no energy in your body to do any work. The reason for this is that junk food has quenched your hunger, but your body does not get the necessary nutrients through food.

To maintain the right level of energy in the body, there is a special need of nutrients. If there is a shortage of Vitamins and Minerals in the body, or if the body does not get them continuously, then the energy will go on decreasing day by day and you will be lying on the cot just like a 90 kg sack.

(3) Danger of DepressionThe disadvantages of Junk Foods are many, but many are really serious, such as the danger of depression. This is a serious danger, often in junk food eaters.

It has been revealed in research that by continuously eating food containing more fat and sugar or spices, the chemical activities of our brain start getting affected, which increases the risk of depression.

(4) Skin damageOur skin is also affected by consuming fast foods. Due to the high fat content in them, they spoil the skin and also cause acne.

People who eat any junk food for 3-4 days in a week, then their skin starts getting dirty, that is, the chances of getting spots increases. If you want to keep the face glowing, then leave junk food.

(5) weak teeth -Fast Foods Side Effects also affect the health of our teeth and leave no stone unturned to make them weak. Junk foods with a lot of sugar like Toffee, Chocolate, Icecream, Cake and Cold Drinks etc. erodes the enamel of our teeth and also affects the gums.

(6) Increased Blood PressureYou must have heard the name of sodium, it is the same sodium which is found in most of the junk foods. Our body also needs sodium, but it has a limit.

According to health experts, taking sodium up to 2300 mg every day is good for health. If it is more than this, then it can increase the blood pressure.

(7) The risk of heart diseasesJunk food not only works to increase Cholesterol, BP is already high due to the increase in the amount of sodium from above. Due to this there is always a risk of having any heart related problems. Junk Food works to make any person very weak from inside, they also make the heart very weak.

These were Junk Food Health Side Effects which are very bad, can spoil your health completely. If you can not give up junk foods completely, then start with less food in the beginning, if you eat 4 days a week now, then do it for 2 days and after 1 month eat only once a week.

In this way your habit will improve. You also have to protect your children from the dangerous harm we have told you here. Decide that along with leaving Junk Foods yourself, you will also tell your children about their disadvantages and stop them too.

Because eating all these things spoils their future. We all know that the basis of the good future of any child is his health. If his health is good then only he will be able to progress further.

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