Kamla Bhasin was an Indian developmental feminist activist, poet, author and social scientist. Bhasin’s work, that began in 1970, focused on gender, education, human development and the media. She lived in New Delhi, India.

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Name: Kamla Bhasin

Date of Birth: 24 April 1946,

Birth place: Shaheedanwali, Mandi Bahuddin, Punjab(now pakistan).

Age: 75years

Profession: Feminist activist, poet, author and social scientist.

Education: MA

Universty: Rajasthan University, University of Münster

Language : English, Hindi

Died: 25 September 2021

Marital status : Married

Children: Meeto Bhasin Malik

‘My Feminism Is Not in My Vagina’: Read Feminist Activist Kamla Bhasin’s Famous Quotes.

After partition, Kamla’s family came to India from Pakistan.

Let us tell you that Kamla Bhasin was born on 24 April 1946 in Mandi Bahauddin district, which is now in Pakistan. After partition, his family shifted to Rajasthan, India. Kamla Bhasin fought a long fight for women’s rights in her life. She focused her attention on women’s rights, their education and human development. His poem ‘Yunki I am a girl, I have to read’ is a very famous poem. His books and articles have been translated into about 30 languages.

Kamla Bhasin in Dhaka Lit Fest 2017

Kamla Bhasin (1946- 2021) is an Indian development feminist activist, poet, writer and social scientist. Bhasin’s work, which spanned 35 years, focused on gender, education, human development and media.

 She lives in New Delhi, India. She is best known for her NGO, Sangat, which is part of the feminist South Asian Network, and her poem “Because I am a girl, I have to read”. His enthusiasm for strengthening the rural and urban poor started in 1972 with a voluntary organization in Rajasthan.

She later joined the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) NGO South Asia Program where she worked for 27 years.

 Know about Kamla Bhasin

  • Along with social worker, Kamla Bhasin was also a good writer.
  • Kamla Bhasin has written several books on gender theory, feminism and understanding patriarchy.
  • Kamla had founded a feminist network ‘Sangat’ in the year 2002.

Famous writer and poet Kamla Bhasin, who fought for women’s rights, has passed away. Social activist Kavita Srivastava has given information about his death on Twitter. He has told in his tweet that Kamla Bhasin died at 3 am on Saturday. She was 75 years old. Let us tell you that a few months ago he was diagnosed with cancer.

‘Kamla Bhasin’s death a big blow to women’s movement’

Kavita Srivastava in her tweet said, “Our dear friend Kamla Bhasin passed away today on 25th September at around 3 pm. This is a big blow to the women’s movement in India and the South Asian region. She spent her life in adversity. Kamala ji you will always be alive in our hearts.

Many celebrities expressed grief over the death of Kamla Bhasin

Many big personalities have expressed grief over the death of Kamla Bhasin. Famous lawyer and former politician Prashant Bhushan tweeted, “Kamla Bhasin was not only an activist fighting for women’s rights, she was also a philanthropist. She has worked in many good public interest institutions like Jagori in Himachal Pradesh and School for Democracy in Rajasthan. Helped in the establishment of the


 Kamla Basin Books in English:

1. Some Questions on Feminism and Its Relevance in South Asia- 1986

2. What is patriarchy?- 1093

3. Borders & Boundaries: Women in India’s Partition- 1998

4. Malu Bhalu-1998

5. Understanding gender- 2000

6. Exploring masculinity 2004

Kamla Basin poems in English | Kamla Bhasin Quotes | Kamla Bhasin poem| kash! Mujhe kisi ne bataya hota!!

You know and meet many people older than you in age like your maternal uncle, maternal uncle, uncle, aunt, aunt, aunt or your mother and father’s friends and friends, your elder sister or brother’s friends and friends, your neighbours,  Teacher etc.  Tell me, do you like everyone older than you (whom we can also call elders) in your age?  Are you happy to meet them all?  Just think and then tell.  As long as you think, let me tell you some of my childhood experiences.  To be honest – when I was younger, I did not like all the elders.  There were only a few elders who really liked me.  These were the people who treated me with love and respect.  By treating me with respect, I mean, they did not consider me a fool.  They talk to me as if I am also intelligent, I can talk about wisdom.  When I talked, he listened intently.  He touched me with love and respect.  That is, they did not poke my cheeks hard.  He did not forcefully pull me towards him.  I loved touching them.  His touch made me feel safe.  Although I was young.  They considered me a person or a person.  Even today I like to remember such elders.

But , there were some other elders who did not like me , because they messed up .  For example, he used to express his love by pulling my cheeks loudly.  My cheeks turned red and I felt pain.  I did not like such love at all, nor did I like those who love like this.  I used to think.  What a strange people!  They do not even know that pulling the cheeks hard causes pain to the children.  To be honest, sometimes my heart used to swoon the cheeks of such people with ‘love’.  Maybe then they would know how we children like their actions.

But in my childhood there were some people, who initially liked me very much, but later I was afraid of them and tried to stay away from them, because they touched my body in a wrong and bad way.  These people knew how to win the hearts of young children like me.  They try to understand my likes and dislikes.  After coming close to me and winning my trust, I was taken aback by the way these people touched and kissed me many times.  Couldn’t even understand everything.  Didn’t understand his actions.  I didn’t even understand my reaction properly, but I didn’t know why and how I knew that his touches in private were not right.  Wrong, dirty.  That’s why he used to touch me like that in private, not in front of everyone. 

All these people were much older than me.  Many were 50-60 years old.  All these were either relatives, or family friends or teachers or my friends’ fathers, brothers.  My family knew all this very well.  Like me, my family members also liked and respected these people.  Because of these reasons, I had little faith in these people.  Earlier I used to enjoy being around him, talking to him, sitting in his lap, I used to feel safe with him.  I remember a friend of my elder brother, who used to like me, but he used to kiss me on the lips when he got a chance in private.  I felt bad and wrong to kiss him like this.  A friend of my father loved me.  Many times he used to cinch me and hug me.  Weirdly attach my body to my body in a lonely way.  Kissing loudly.  I felt bad to touch him like this.  I tried to stay away from them.  He liked me, but I was afraid of his antics.  A 70-75 year old teacher started coming home to teach me English.  Used to teach alone.  Often he would try to kiss me on the lips by sitting very close to him.  At that time his face became strange.  I told my father many times that I should not study from him, but my father would have said, “No, no, he is a very good teacher.  Don’t even take money.  “Luckily, after a few days he fell ill and he stopped teaching me. I took a sigh of relief.

There was a distant relative, who used to come to our house sometimes for a day or two.  loved me a lot  I liked them too.  As soon as I came to his house, I started hovering around him.  They also used to walk with me.  We had good friendship.  One day he had me sitting on his lap and was reading a book with me.  Suddenly I realized that he put his finger in my panty.  I jumped out of his lap and ran away.  There was a strange fear and panic in my mind.  This act of his hurt me a lot.  Where did he like me so much and where was his antics?  Is that why they used to love me, now I should go to them or not?  He used to call me before, as if nothing had happened, but now I was afraid.  Many questions swirled in my mind.  How and why did the person who likes me behave badly with me?  I might not even like to doubt or complain about them.  These things are so old that now MWV.

I can’t even remember my anger at that time.  I had a friend Seema.  We both used to go to a friend’s house to play.  His brother would also come there.  Gives us all toffees.  He would sit Seema in his lap.  We kept on playing.  One day Seema told me that he sits on her lap and rubs his penis with her.  After that we got scared.  Never went there to play again.  I had another good friend.  She would come to my house, I would go to her house.  We played with each other for hours.  My friend’s father used to play with us sometimes.  Talk to me a lot.  I used to think – and how different and better they are from fathers, but one day they also touched me in a wrong way.  This time I was very upset and sad.  Because of this strange behavior of his father, I had to leave my friend’s house.  I wondered, do all the men I like do the same thing to girls?  Is this what you want from them?

M After this accident, the question often arises in my mind that will my friend’s father touch his daughter inappropriately too?  If yes, how will she escape from her father?  I stopped going to his house, but where would my friend go to escape from her father?  Thinking of this, I used to tremble with fear.  There was again the same confusion, the same confusion in my mind.  All these experiences are from when I was five to ten years old.  I was a kid but knew that these touches were messy and wrong.  The people who touched like this were also not good.  They were misusing little girls.  The question used to arise in my mind that how and why do good looking people do wrong things?  I could no longer understand the difference between good and bad. 

When I grew up I came to know that this type of sexual abuse does not happen only with girls.  Some men even sexually abuse boys.  use them too.  Seeing these relatives, family friends, teachers who sexually abused children, I felt as if some ferocious animal had come wearing the mask of a naive cow.  Other people in the house could not see their real faces.  He still considered them noble, but I had seen their real faces.  There was panic inside me. 

I didn’t understand anything properly.  She could not even tell her story to anyone.  How to explain what to say to mother and father at home.  Couldn’t understand  I didn’t even have words to describe my experience.  In what words?  What do you say?  I was only afraid of such people and kept trying to avoid them.  For many years I got very angry at these masked, bad people.  I often kept thinking of tricks to take revenge from them in my mind.  He also kept making plans to get him punished. 

Even when I grew up, many things tried to seduce me, but they did not succeed, because I was smarter now.  I think maybe I was lucky that I survived so many times.  I did not suffer much physical harm.  But the mental trouble certainly did harm.  Today I know that even girls are raped inside homes and the rapists are relatives, friends of parents, neighbors or teachers.  Sometimes the father himself rapes his daughter.

Obviously because of all these bitter experiences, a fear settled in my mind.  Today I understand that this fear and doubt was not good for my heart and mind.  Every fear and doubt harms children, especially when children are unable to talk to anyone about their bitter experiences and fears.  Today I feel most sad that I could not talk to anyone about these people.  She could not make anyone her friend about her bitter experiences.  Neither to anyone in your family nor to any friend, teacher or relative.

17/30 I often ask myself why have I kept quiet?  Why didn’t I tell anyone?  Was it because I was not clear about my own thoughts about such experiences?  Or did I have no words to describe this sexual abuse?  Or did I not want to complain about people who seemed too nice to me?  Was I afraid that my parents or my siblings would not listen to me?  Won’t you bother with me?  On the contrary, will you scold me?  Who will listen to a child’s talk?  Those on whom I would blame were powerful and in the eyes of others they were noble.  Considering a girl child, would anyone dare to accuse her?  Today I wonder if all these things used to come in my little mind then?.

Or, did I keep quiet because I felt that perhaps I was guilty, that something was wrong with me, something was missing?  Or I did not speak because I was taught that it is wrong to say such things, to talk about them?  Good kids don’t do such things?  I still don’t know why I remained silent.  Why did a small life cover these experiences for years?  Carrying such a heavy burden of silence in your small heart and mind?  Why?


Another painful question comes to my mind – I was young, ignorant, silent in fear or panic.  But why should my mother, father, elder brother, sister remain silent?  Why didn’t they tell me that some people touch little girls and boys inappropriately, use them.  Why didn’t he tell me the difference between good touch and dangerous touch?  They were all big.  There were no children like me.  They must have known about these things.  Then why didn’t he explain to me?  Why didn’t you warn me?  Is it possible that the elderly are not aware that there is exploitation?  My family loved me very much.  Despite this, why didn’t he get an idea of ​​my experience and my fear and anger?  that of the children.

Today I also think that why did not any of my mother, father, elder sister, elder brothers, my teachers, friends have awakened such a belief in me that I can do everything to them.  I don’t need to hide anything from them.  Why didn’t I feel that my words would be taken care of?  Will my problems be solved?  Why were there these distances within the family?  Why were we unknown to each other?  Is there so much distance and silence in all families?  Once I talked to my friend with courage, she told- ‘ A friend of my father used to come home in childhood.  were neighbours.  He would often take us children for a walk.  One day they took us to a deserted building.  He gave toffees to all the children to eat.  By making me sit on his lap, he constantly takes his penis from my lower waist.

But they were rubbing.  I felt weird and dirty.  I was trying to get up, but they were trying to hold me.  I broke down screaming loudly and started crying.  All of us kids ran home.  I told this to my mother.  He told his father.  Father handed over the person to the police with the help of the people of the colony.  Hearing this, I felt it.  I wish I could also tell everything to my family members.  Had my family members openly told me about sex and sex, I could have been careful.  Could touch the wrong and spot the wrong people, fight them better.  Then I too could tell the family members about those who touched inappropriately.  maybe then.

Mom and Dad could talk to them, scold them or stop them from coming to our house.  Something could have been done against them.  They may have been touching people and children in a wrong way.  You must have been sexually abusing others, they must have been harassing them.  Those kids might have been silent like me.  How much has our silence hurt?  The guilty were left free.  He was neither punished nor had to ever apologize for his misdeeds.  Maybe my talking doesn’t do anything, but at least my silence would have been broken.  Talking would have started.  If my family and schoolmates had properly asked and told me everything, I would not have roamed alone for so many years with my secrets.  For years, trouble, fear and anger do not remain in me.  Such a heavy burden could have been taken off my heart and mind.

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Okay leave my words now.  I said a lot about myself.  Now tell me, have you ever felt that someone is looking and touching you in a wrong way.  If yes, what did you do?  Have you kept quiet like me?  Or did you talk to someone?  Who did you talk to?  Can you tell everything in your family or to a relative, teacher or a friend?  Have your family members or teachers encouraged you to do everything?  If any question comes in your mind about your body and sex, can you ask someone?  With whom ?  Or do you just think that sex is a dirty thing and should not be talked about with anyone, not at home or in school?.

Did your family members take the initiative to talk about your growing, changing body and sex?  Or gave you a book that you can read and understand / c ?  Or do you still have the same silence about sex that was in my family forty years ago?  Today, when I have grown up, I believe that there should be a friendly atmosphere in families.  There should not be an atmosphere of fear, of silence.  Children should be made to feel that they can ask anything, express their fears and confusions without any fear.  This belief should be inculcated in the minds of children that their questions.  Efforts will be made to understand the feelings, confusions, fears.  Mur treating them as children, they will not be scolded and made to sit.  It is important to respect the personality and ideas of the children.  Children develop well in an open and democratic environment and not in an environment of pressure and fear. 

Today I am a mother of two children and I also believe that it is important to talk openly on all subjects.  No subject is dirty.  Not even sex.  Yes, some people’s thoughts about sex can be messy.  But sex is not dirty or bad.  I feel .  Our family members, family friends or our teachers, can explain to us very easily.  They can tell us what kind of touch is okay.  What kind of wrong  They can tell us that some people sexually abuse children.  Some people believe that giving children information about sex has a wrong effect on their mind.  But the truth is that if we inform children about their body and sex in the right way, then they can understand themselves better.  Without knowing the wrong thoughts or assumptions which are born in the mind of children, they can perish.  Talking about sex and sex reduces or eliminates fear, it does not increase and also eliminates the misconception that talking about sex is wrong or harmful.  If sex is a part of life then how can it be wrong to talk about it?.

Some people believe that such things should not be done in front of children, which cause any kind of worry or fear in their mind.  But I understand that if the information is given to the children properly, then instead of doubt or fear in their mind, fear will run away.  Talking increases the courage of children and builds friendly relations with elders.  Children are also more alert.  Some people also say that if something wrong happens to a girl, then we should be silent.  Telling others about this or talking about it brings disrepute to the girls.  But, I believe that talking does not or should not defame the girl.  The slander should be those who mistreat girls/children.  Such people are criminals and we should expose their crime.  By staying silent, we increase the danger to our children. 

Tell me, what do you think?  Should there be open dialogue or not?  We believe that if you have any question or fear in your mind then definitely talk to – anyone – whom you trust, who you like/like.  This person can be anyone – mother, father, brother, sister, any other relative, friend or teacher.  Talking increases understanding and trust and reduces fear.  The knots of the mind are opened.  Just as opening of windows and doors brings light, air and freshness to a closed room, similarly, opening of closed mind and mind brings freshness.  Talking about the mind with someone also makes friends.  Elders can also become friends of children.  If you speak your mind to someone, they may also open their mind to you.  Maybe they also want to talk to someone, they too are looking for friends and friendship.  Tell me, what are you thinking? 

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