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In today’s episode, Leela raises questions about the friendship between Pakhi and Adik. The bird protects itself and acknowledges Adik’s friendship. Banraj said such things are not acceptable in India. Pakhi said, however, that an extramarital affair and marriage at the age of 50 is acceptable but not a normal friendship between two young men. Leela speaks against birds. Pleasure tells the bird that their friendship is not acceptable.

The bird asks why no one can accept him when he runs away and marries his girlfriend and can be Samar’s girlfriend and get everyone’s support. He admits that Adik was behind his stubborn behavior to go to Anupama’s house. Just then, the bird says he likes Adik and everyone is shocked. Adik says he also likes birds. Banaraja gets angry at the bird.

Anupama tells Banaraja to stop screaming and lets him think what can be done next. Banraj says he can’t see Adik ruining the bird’s life. Anupama said the bird is also her daughter. Banaraja asks Anupama to do something. Rakhi enjoyed the play. Anuj supports Anupama and says that Adik and Pakhi adult and developing feelings are common. He tells Banaraja that instead of losing his cool, he shows the birds and Adik the right direction.

The bird is standing with Adik. Rakhi pours oil on the fire and congratulates Kapadia for establishing another relationship with Shah. Kinjal tells Rakhi to leave, otherwise she will do something bad. Leela and Anupama tell Kinjal to go to her house. Anupama also tells the bird to go to her house. Birds are not willing to listen to incomparability. He asks that if Banaraja’s relationship and incomparable marriage is true, then why is it difficult for everyone to accept his friendship with Adik? Samar tells the bird if he can’t wait for the right time to act.

The bird says why would he wait for the time. Anupama responds appropriately to the bird and says that she cannot talk about the forest king but can explain herself. He has maintained his love for Anuj and said that he took this step after establishing his career. Anupama asks the bird that she knows what she wants in her life. He asks if he can talk to Adik in front of everyone.

Anupama tells the bird to go inside. The forest king also tells the bird to go to his house. The bird refuses to go inside unless Adik tells him not to leave. Banaraja insulted Kapadia. Anupama tells Anuj, Ankush and Barkha to go back home. Banaraja tells Anupama that he is responsible for the riots.

Anupama accepted and left. Barkha gets angry at Adik for liking the bird. Anuj and Sara Adik are told to tell the truth. Adik admits his friendship with the bird. Anupama worried. Samar tells Anupama not to take the tension, because they will handle the situation together.


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