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In the article What Is Mineral you will know that Minerals Kya Hai And what are the benefits of Minerals. Also, we will tell you what are the diseases and disadvantages caused by the deficiency of minerals. It is well known that minerals are very important for us for good health.

Most people still know about Protein and Vitamins etc., because these words are used a little more in common language. But what are minerals and what is their function in our body, they do not know. There is also a reason behind this that people consider it a very small thing.

They have no idea at all about these things that what exactly are minerals? Why are Minerals Important? And if there is a lack of minerals in the body, then what are the disadvantages and diseases that can happen? Minerals ie mineral elements play a very important role in our body.

If you want your body to work properly always, then it is also necessary for you to be aware of minerals. These are also very important to keep the body healthy. So let’s first know about minerals, what they are and how they work in the body.

What Is Mineral – Minerals Kya Hai

If you have ever tried to understand the working of the body, then you must have found that our body needs energy to do any work. And just pay attention, from where does the body make energy? It is a simple matter, for that we eat food.

By processing the food we eat, the body extracts the necessary things from it. Like Protein, Vitamins and Minerals etc. All these nutrients have different functions. But one thing is common to all, and that is to do fuel work.

Minerals Kya Hai

Yes, all these nutrients work to provide fuel to the body. Our body does its work with the same fuel. Now you will say that when there are things like Protein and Vitamins for fuel, then what is the use of minerals. Meaning then why are minerals necessary?

These are very small things. So let us give you an example to answer this and explain what Minerals do and what they do. Actually our body is also a machine and we take the example of a machine, such as a motorcycle.

Petrol acts as the fuel in the bike, it runs on petrol, let’s assume. But just imagine, does he need only petrol? No, we get it serviced from time to time.

They also get its oil changed, apart from this, grease is also applied in its chain etc. Minerals do exactly the same thing. It is believed that the main source of fuel for the body is protein and vitamins, but the body needs minerals to run properly for a long time.

The mineral elements keep the body by maintaining it. Minerals come to us from land, mines and our food. Hope you have understood what are Minerals. Minerals are physical substances and there are many types of minerals such as Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Zink, Coal, Iodine, Mica and Magnisium etc.

Some of these minerals are such that are very important for the body such as Calcium, Magnisium, Potassium, Zinc and Iron etc. These mineral elements play an important role in keeping our body and mind functioning properly.

We would like to say to the people who are looking for complete information about minerals, that you just understand that there are 8 types of minerals which are very important for the body and the body uses them more.

These 8 types of minerals are Calcium, Sodium, Magnisium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zink, Iron and Iodine. Do not let the deficiency of these mineral elements occur in your body. They always work to keep you healthy. Some people also have this question that from where do minerals are found.

So tell you that you will get minerals only from your food. If you eat more fruits and vegetables, your minerals will be fulfilled. Still, if there is a lack of them in someone’s body, then he can take their supplements.

You will easily find Multivitamins and Mineral Supplements in the market. But before taking supplements, you must confirm that there is indeed a lack of minerals in your body. Now the number comes to know the health benefits of minerals.

Minerals Ke Fayde – Health Benefits Of Minerals

(1) Minerals work to keep your heart healthy and strong. You must have noticed that our heartbeat is always regular, meaning it remains the same. This is possible only when the heart is healthy and minerals play an important role in keeping the heart healthy.

(2) Mineral elements also play an important role in maintaining the balance of your metabolism, neither your metabolism rate is high nor too low. This maintains the balance of your weight.

Minerals Ke Fayde

(3) Minerals improve your digestive system. They work to strengthen your digestive system. The stronger the digestive system of a person, the healthier he remains. Because almost all diseases start with a bad stomach.

(4) Minerals also make a special contribution in keeping our teeth and hair strong. You must have felt many times that due to lack of minerals, your hair and nails etc. look completely lifeless.

(5) You also get the benefits of minerals in the form of your strong and strong muscles. When Protein is repairing muscles, they also work side by side with Protein according to their strength.

(6) Minerals also help us in keeping our blood circulation normal. Due to this you are able to avoid the problem of low and high blood pressure. Minerals also play a role in keeping the color of our blood red.

(7) Minerals keep the functioning of our brain right. Some mineral elements like copper etc. help us in maintaining the balance of the mind. They are also very important for the brain development of children.

So these were the health benefits of minerals, which are many. We cannot mention all here because the post will be very long. Let us now finally know what are the disadvantages or diseases due to lack of minerals.

Diseases and damages caused by deficiency of minerals

(1) Due to lack of minerals, you can start feeling weak. Being tired very quickly can also be a symptom of mineral deficiency.

(2) Your eyesight can be reduced due to lack of minerals. Minerals are very important to maintain eyesight.

(3) Your bones may become weak, or due to lack of minerals, you may start feeling pain when sitting up. Your Bone Density may be low.

(4) You may have anemia due to lack of minerals. Your heartbeat may increase, due to which there is a risk of developing a major problem.

(5) If suddenly there is a shortage of minerals in the body, then the person gets diarrhea and the skin starts swelling.

(6) Due to the lack of minerals, the physical and mental development of children can stop. Therefore, it is important to take good care of the food and drink of the children.

(7) If you want to make muscles, then the lack of minerals can become a hindrance in it. Therefore, always maintain the balance of mineral elements in your body.

Above you have known the diseases caused by the deficiency of minerals, which can happen to anyone, anytime, due to their deficiency. Ignoring even the smallest things sometimes becomes overwhelming. Do not let your body lack these minerals. You eat these things to fulfill the minerals.

Lentils, Milk, Fish, Banana, Papaya, Dry Fruits, Rice, Spinach, Potato, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut Water, Yogurt, Chicken, Peas, Kismis, Garlic, Eggs, Onion, Cabbage, Soyabean and Orange etc. By eating these things, there will never be a shortage of minerals in your body.

According to the current reports, there has been a severe shortage of minerals in the fertile soil of our country. Due to which there is a possibility of problems in the production of cereals etc. Apart from this, the grain produced is also not that much nutritious. Meaning to say Minerals mean a lot to us.

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