Original or Duplicate -5 Ways to Know your smart phone

know original or duplicate phone
Check Smartphone Originality

I went to repair my phone to same shop. They told me this is a duplicate phone you do not get any part of this phone. I told them I bought this phone from your shop you told sold me by telling it is real. I found that it was not written as ‘Samsung’ but it was 😕’Samsang’. My money was gone in vain and my phone was also gone in vain. After that I searched in many websites and videos about real and fake phones or original and duplicate phone. Ultimately, I found the best 5 ways to know your phone is original or duplicate and fake or real. So, don’t be late find your phone/smart phone is original or duplicate by reading below article : 


1. Dial Astrik Hash Zero SIX HASH

Go to Dailer and click the above characters *#06#  then you get your phone unique 16 Digit IMEI

2. Setting

From Setting also you can check our Smart Phone is original or
duplicate. Steps are
→Go to Setting of your phone
→Click on About Phone  in your setting then you can see your same 16
Digit Smart Phone IMEI number.


3. IMEI INFO Website

This is another option to check
your smart phone is original or duplicate/Fake

→Just Open your any browser
(FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer )

→Now type your phone IMEI no and just
Click on CHECK option

→After this you can get all the
information. You should see your phone Image photo, Manufacturing, Brand and

4.  Android Application

→Go to google play store of your
android smart phone

→Then click play store then just search :

→Download phone info app😎 and then install this app and check
your phone info. If you find your all phone info then it is an original
otherwise it is duplicate or fake phone.


5. Dial Astrik HASH ZERO Astrik

This is another way to know whether your phone is original or
duplicate Just go to dialer and type *#0* then you can find various types of features. Read  below features and check whether all the
features work as explained below

Features to check smart phones are original or duplicate

Various types of features are to be checked to know whether smart phone is orginal or duplicate. Features are red, green, blue, receiver, vibration, dimming, mega cam, sensor, touch, sleep, speaker, sub key, front cam, low frequency, black and Hall IC. So, know all this features by reading below article. 


          When you tap on the screen tap red if it comes red then its

         Tap on the screen and hit green it should come green

         Tap on the screen and hit green it should come blue

          Strange peewee sound then its working

         Your handset should vibrate when you keep it on table

          Light should dim constantly into your phone when you click dimming.

         Test the rare camera. If this feature is not working then this
camera will never open. For this
         you should take picture and check it.

         You can find each and every data related to accelerometer and
approximity using sensor graph
         shown in this feature.

          When you touch and move around on the edges of line should
come green line then the touch 

          of  your phone is perfectly working. Instead of
following this grid green line move everywhere

          where black line are moving then
your phone is not all right.

         Your Smart phone will go to sleep when you click on sleep button.

          This feature will test speaker sound will work or not.

  • Sub Key or Substitute Key

          There comes a white new feature at the left middle of phone.
If it does not come your phone is
          not in good condition.

          If it open or when you take your selfie if it work nicely
then your phone is original.

         It tell about the frequency. When you touch all the
frequencies 100, 200 and 300 then they
         should  be touched.

         When you touch on black your phone should go black

          Depict the IC no of the Hall IC

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