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stomach pain causes, symptoms, ayurvedic treatment and medicine, pet dard ke kaaran, lakshan, aayurvedik upachaar

Abdominal pain due to obstruction or any other reason in the small intestine is called ‘intestinal colic’.

This does not cause any mechanical changes in the intestines. In this, there is pain like a piercing needle in the stomach of the suffering patient, which is very terrible. Due to this pain the patient becomes very distraught and is unable to even breathe. The patient writhes with pain.

The nature of this pain is like twitching, pulling, twisting or stiffness. The patient first starts with pain around the navel or from both the sides of the stomach and then gradually spreads around the abdomen. The patient becomes very restless due to the threat of pain. This pain keeps coming up. Air (gas) keeps gurgling in the stomach. The patient is often constipated and nervous, even the patient sometimes has vomiting.

pet dard ke kaaran lakshan aayurvedik upachaar

major causes of abdominal pain

Eating more than the digestive power.

Eating fortified (late-digesting) food.

Excess consumption of sweets.

Indigestion/digestion, food accumulation or rotting within the intestines.

Collecting hard/hard stools in the intestines.

Presence of worm or any other foreign object in the intestines.

Taking strong diarrhoea/laxative drugs.

Eat thick bread for a few more days.

Dew (shabnam) and chills.

Drink more tea, coffee, ice cream, ice sherbet and water.

Due to problems like gallstones or malabsorption etc.

Extremely irregular contraction of the involuntary muscles of the inner walls of the intestine.

In dysentery – due to contraction due to wound/injury (ulcer/ulcer) in the inner wall of large intestine.

Eruption of ulcers/abscesses occurring in the intestine and duodenum.

Worm in the stomach of children.

Stone in the gall bladder and swelling of the bile duct.

Increase in sugar (sugar) in a patient suffering from diabetes.

Due to irregular contractions of the uterus during menstruation in women.

Major symptoms of abdominal pain

There is constant pain in the upper part of the abdomen and around the navel resembling a twitch. This pain/colic tends to fluctuate. The pain usually subsides once the patient has a bowel movement.

The pain is sometimes less and sometimes more severe. The patient suffers because of this suffering. Sometimes this pain moves away from one place to another. The pain subsides when pressed hard, but sometimes the pain increases or does not make any difference.

By pressing on the patient’s abdomen and the release of air (gas) usually gives relief to the patient.

By placing a hand on the patient’s abdomen at the time of pain, it appears as if the intestine of some place is contracted and the intestine of some place is bloated. The patient usually does not have fever and often complains of constipation.

The patient’s stomach rumbles due to the movement or movement of air or fluids inside the patient’s intestines. The patient sweats drop by drop and hands, feet and body become cold. Along with this, symptoms of nausea / nervousness, hiccups, shortness of breath, urge to urinate etc. are also found in the patient.

Patient’s pulse/pulse is weak, face looks frightened and anxious. Due to the threat of pain, the patient becomes very restless and sobbing. The patient sometimes lies down with a septum, with the desire for health benefits, sometimes bends his legs towards the stomach and presses his stomach with whatever pillow, chair etc. is seen in front or near him and lies down for a moment. He gets up uneasily and sits down. And sometimes he gets distracted walking/walking.

Usually this pain of the patient lasts for a few seconds or minutes. Sometimes the pain is slow and sometimes it becomes intense. Some patients even faint due to intense pain. Sometimes the pain subsides by lying down halfway. Some patients do not even allow any other person or doctor to keep their hands on their abdomen due to intense pain. If the patient suffering from pain already has the pain of depression, then foul-smelling gas comes out from his stomach and belching comes.

Stomach Pain Ayurvedic Medicine, Tablets

Take 1-2 tablets of Gasex tablet (manufacturer-Himalayan Drugs) 3-4 times a day, 2-3 tablets 3-4 times a day in the acute phase of the disease or as required.

Take 2-2 tablets of Shuktin tablet (manufacturer-Alarsin) thrice a day as needed.

Give 2 tablets of Shoolantak tablet (Manufacturer-Mohta) 3 times a day.

Take 1-4 tablets of Gretona tablet (manufacturer-Anuja) 4 times a day, 1-2 tablets 3 times a day for children.

Give 2 tablets of Gasso tablet (Manufacturer-Globe) 3 times a day.

Give 2 tablets of Dizole tablet (Manufacturer- Rajvaidya Sheetal Prasad & Sons) 3-4 times a day.

Take 4-4 tablets of Abhyasana Tablet (Manufacturer- Zandu Pharmaceuticals) 2 times a day or as required with water or milk.

Take 1-2 tablets of Garnin tablet (Manufacturer-United) thrice a day with water. In acute pain, give 2 tablets every 3-4 hours.

Give 1 capsule of Gasantak capsule (Manufacturer-Garg Banaushadhi Bhandar) twice a day (morning and evening) or as required. If the patient is also suffering from depression, then give 1-1 capsule every 1-1 hour.

Give 1-2 capsules of Gasona Capsule (Manufacturer-Jwala Ayurveda Bhavan) 2-3 times a day or as required.

Give 1-1 capsules of Sholari Capsule (manufacturer-prepared) to the patient as needed. In the acute stage of the disease, give 2 capsules as needed.

Give small babies 5-10 drops of Infidrops (Manufacturer-Zandu) thrice a day. It is an excellent medicine for little babies.

Give 2 small (tea-containing) teaspoons of Bonisan Liquid (manufacturer-Himalaya Drugs) to children 2 years of age 3-4 times a day.

Give 2 teaspoons of Gasanol drink (Manufacturer-Garg) twice a day after meals. In case of pain and confusion, take 2-2 spoons every hour to the patient. This medicine is a very beneficial medicine for colic caused by air (gas).

Infants born 3-10 drops of Babysan Syrup (Manufacturer-Trio) 3 times a day. Some older babies should be given 1-2 teaspoons 3 times a day, children 2-3 teaspoons twice a day and adults (adults) according to the stage.

Give 4 spoons of Kriminol (Manufacturer-Sanjeevan Research) medicine in warm milk at bedtime.

home ayurvedic treatment for stomach ache

Taking powder of carom seeds and drinking hot water from above is beneficial in colic.

Taking ginger juice and Kagji lemon juice in equal quantity, mixing 1 gram powder of black pepper in it, it provides relief in colic.

Take a clean old piece of blanket and burn it in the fire. Grind the burnt blanket finely and keep it safe. When a patient of colic suffers from severe pain, dissolve 6 grams of this ash in fresh water and consume it. There will be immediate benefit.

Grind 10 grams leaves of bhangra with 3 grams black salt in a little water, filter it and take, it ends chronic colic.

Grind 24 soft leaves of peepal and take it after making a tablet with jaggery, it is beneficial in colic.

Mixing jaggery in the powder of dried leaves in the shade of peepal and making gram-sized tablets after grinding it in the morning and evening (2 times a day) with the anananan of fennel extract, giving the patient 1-1 tablet of fennel extract, keeps the patient in colic. There is benefit.

Make a big ball after grinding sesame seeds and throw it on the patient’s stomach, it ends colic.

Sanchar salt 2 tola, tamarind 4 tola, black jeera 8 tola and black pepper 16 tola, mix all these well in the juice of bijoura lemon and make betel nut shaped tablets. Vayusul gets destroyed by taking these pills.

Mixing honey in the powder of gooseberry and licking it ends gallstones.

Licking the powdered powder of myrobalan mixed with jaggery and ghee in 3 mashas ends gallstones.

Taking bael root, castor root, cheetah dry ginger, rock salt and real asafoetida (each equal part) after making powder of them ends phlegm.

Mixing powder of trikuta and rock salt in 250 ml pomegranate juice and taking it ends tridoshasul.

Take equal quantity each of pepper, kutki, absinthe, harad and alua, grind them finely with water and heat it on fire and apply thick and thick paste on the entire stomach, all types of colic are destroyed. Another feature of this experiment is that it dilutes the stool and also brings about 2-3 profuse diarrhea.

Mixing equal parts of sugar candy (powder) in Triphala powder and taking it provides relief in all types of colic.

Take 1 part carom seeds powder, 1 part dry ginger powder and 4 parts black salt and keep it safe. It is very beneficial to take this 2-3 grams with warm water thrice a day or (as per need).

As long as the patient is in pain, do not give anything to eat and give complete rest to the patient. Give juice (water) of lentils and moong dal in food, then give liquids like whey, coconut water, chenna water etc. Before this, give sufficient quantity of water mixed with lemon juice and warm water mixed with lemon juice.

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