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Prem Geet 3 (Vishwajitam) Movie 2022: Indo-Nepal first love story
genre movie starring Pradeep Khadka and Kristina Gurung is releasing India
and Nepal on same date in Nepali and Hindi Language. Today we discuss here
Prem Geet 3 Movie Release Date 2022, Cast, actress, songs, story review,
production budget and box office collection in detail. You know everything
about Prem Geet 3 movie if you stick in this article and read it

Prem Geet 3 Vishwajitam Full Movie
Prem Geet 3 Movie 2022


Good news for Nepali Film Industry : Most awaited film “Preem Geet 3” will
be released in Hindi Language as “VISHWAJITAM” In India & Worldwide.
Best wishes entire team for the success of film

Prem Geet 3 will release worldwide on September 23 and it will be one of
the biggest Nepali Movie release in India. It is dubbed in Hindi as well.
Renowned movie critic Taran Adarsh also shared about the movie today. A big
step for Nepali Movie. 

Prem Geet 3 sold out to Indian Film Industry at INR 4 Crore. The Indian
right has been sold out to Indian Film distributing company Impossible Film.
The agreement between Prem Geet 3 and Impossible has been signed on 13
August 2022.This is the dream project of producer of Santosh Sen

Prem Geet 3 Budget (Vishwajitam Budget)

The production budget of Prem Geet 3 movie is same as other movies
like Kabaddi 4, Chakka Panja 3, etc. There is no mystery in the production
budget of Prem Geet 3. Prem Geet 3 Production budget is approximately INR 12 Cores (NPR 19.2 Crores). including production and Hindi dubbing budget.
This movie has been promoted in Hindi language as well. 

Prem Geet 3 is the 1st Nepali movie to release all over India in Hindi
Language. In 2022 this movie is about to break the record of Kabaddi 4 movie
collection and become highest grossing Nepali Movie all time.

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Prem Geet 3 (Vishwajitam) Release Date 2022

The release date of Prem Geet 3 has been announced with poster. Prem Geet 3 is  released on more than 1200 Cinema halls in India and All over Nepal
on September 23 2022(7th Asoj 2079). Prem Geet 3 is releasing in Nepal and
India in same date but hindi version has not been released on same date. The movie will hit the theaters in Nepal 7th Ashoj, 2079
on the occasion of Ghatastasthapana(Starting of Badha Dashain in

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  • Prem Geet 3 Release Date in Nepal: 7th Asoj 2079
  • Prem Geet 3 (Vishwajitam) Release Date India & Worldwide: September
    23 2022


Who is playing Pradeep Khadka’s Younger Version in ‘Prem Geet 3’?

The well known child actor Anubhav Regmi in Nepal who have who have
shown acting talent on Nai Nabhannu La 5 and other many hit movies in
Nepal. Anubhav Regmis is younger version of Pradeep Khadka (Prem). 
Yogisha Khatri is younger version of
Kristina Gurung in Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3 Child Actors
Yogisha Khatri & Anubhav child actors in Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3 Cast

This movie is cast by both new generation and old generation
actors of Nepali Film Industry. This is the Debut movie of Kristina
Gurung who is young, beautiful and talented actress.
Prem Geet 3 (Vishwajitam) Movie Cast: Pradeep
Khadka, Kristina Gurung, Shiva Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Santosh Sen,
Maotse Gurung, Manish Raut, Puskar Karki, Prem Puri, Anubhav Regmi,
Yogisha Khatri, Sambridhi Shahi Thakuri, Krijan Gautam  Jivan 
Baral  Jiban Bhattarai, Laxmi Bardewa  Sujal Basnet  Raj


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Producers of Prem Geet 3

Asusen Films Production presents Prem Geet 3: A forbidden Love Story
movie produced by Santosh Sen. The Executive Producers are Chakra
Bahadur Chand, Dambar Bikram Sen (Milan) and Co-Producers are Kumar Shan
Shah and OSR Digital. 

Indian Producers are also added to Prem Geet 3 movie as Vishwajitam
movie in production team Subhash Kale, Prashant Kumar Gupta, Murlidhar
Tilwani, Sushama Shoromanee and Yogesh Lakhani

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Directors of Prem Geet 3

This movie has been directed by Chhetan Gurung and Santosh Sen. The
direction has been done in very decorative way that this movie has been
the level of Hindi movie. This has attracted the Industry film
distributing company Impossible Films.


Is Prem Geet 3 Hit or Flop?

Prem Geet 3 is has been sold out to Indian Box office and other
international market which shows that the production budget has been
collected about 9 Crores (Approx.). Prem Geet 3 Nepali movie and its
Hindi version Vishwajitam movie is about to become Mega Hit in Nepali,
Indian and Worldwide box office collection. The critics are very happy with the
direction and production team. 

Prem Geet 3 is Blockbuster Nepali movie collecting over NPR 35 Crores within Week 2 and running successfully in Week 3. This movie is heading towards to celebrate 51 days in Nepali Box Office.

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Prem Geet 3 Songs

The song titled ‘Har Yug Hos
is the title song of Prem Geet 3 which is published in OSR Digital
YouTube Channel. This is the lyrical song. The lyric of Har Yug Hos has
been written by Rajesh Kumar Shrestha

1. Har Yug Hos Song

  • Starring: Pradeep Khadka and Kristina Gurung
  • Singers: Prabisha Adhikari and Pratap Das
  • Music: Alish Karki  
  • Views: 16 Millions+

2. Hatti Dhungama Song

Another song
Hatti Dhungama
titled song is published in OSR Movies YouTube Channel. The lyric of the
song has been written by Hark Saud. This is sherpa style song. 

  • Starring: Pradeep Khadka and Kristina Gurung
  • Singers: Melina Rai & Sagar Ale
  • Music: Kalyan Singh
  • Choreography: Kabiraj Gahatraj
  • Views: 5 Millions+


Download Watch Online Prem Geet 3 Movie

Prem Geet 3 movie watching online will be made available all around the
world. If you are waiting to watch Prem Geet 3 movie download version
then you need to wait for some time. As soon as this movie is available
online we definitely update provide you the latest

Prem Geet 3 Day-wise Collection

PG3 Day 1 Collection

PG3 Day 2 Collection

PG3 Day 3 Collection


We hope that we have covered every topic related to Prem Geet 3 movie.
If you like Hindi version Vishwajitam movie then also you could enjoy
this movie. After watching this movie don’t forget to let us know your
review about the movie. 


 FAQ: Prem Geet 3

Q.1 What is the name of Prem Geet 3 Actress?

Ans: Kristina Gurung is the actress in Prem Geet 3. 


Q.2 How much is the box office Collection of Prem Geet 3?

Ans: Prem Geet 3 Box office Collection is NPR 9 Crores

Q.3 When is Prem Geet 3 Release Date?

Ans: Prem Geet 3 Release Date September 23 2022 (Asoj 7


Q.4 Prem Geet 3 Download is available or not?

Ans: Prem Geet 3 Download is still not available so enjoy in
Cinema Hall near you. 


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