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In this article we are going to tell you Pani Peene Ka Sahi Tarika, It sounds like a very stupid thing to hear, but it is very important. It is true that there are rules for drinking water too and they affect our health a lot.

Pani Peene Ke Tarike has also been mentioned in Ayurveda, by following which you can lead a healthy and long life. You all know that water is the basis of our life. If we do not get water for 4-5 days then it is certain that we will die.

It is also completely true that you get the benefits of drinking more water in the form of your longevity. But even by drinking more water, nothing will happen if you do not know the rules and methods of drinking water. We all have been hearing this since childhood that water should be drunk more.

But why should one drink, till date no one has told. If you have heard the name of Ayurveda, then very good Water Drinking Rules have been told in it. Actually, your health to a large extent depends on how much water you drink, when you drink and in what way.

Right Way Of Drinking Water

If you tell someone that if you do not drink water properly, you may have to face terrible diseases, then they will not believe it. But it is 100% true, what can be the harm to you due to lack of water or drinking it wrongly.

We will also tell you all this in our post today. You should know that 70% of the things that our body is made of are water, now you calculate that the thing which has such a big role in making the body cannot be ordinary.

We cannot survive without water. That is why it is important for us to know Pani Peene Ke Sahi Tarike so that we can always be healthy. Let’s start again.

Right time and way to drink water – Pani Peene Ka Sahi Tarika

(1) Drink 1 glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morningWhat many people do is that as soon as they wake up in the morning, they run towards tea first. This is wrong, as soon as you wake up in the morning, first of all you must drink at least 1 glass of water without rinsing. This will happen that the natural saliva that formed in your mouth overnight will go into your stomach. This saliva is very beneficial.

It is said that medicinal properties equal to 100 medicines are found in it. It also acts as anti-bacteria, along with it contains such elements related to digestion, which will never allow you to have problems related to digestion.

(2) Never drink water while standing– This disease is in about 85% of the people, if they drink water 10 times a day, then they drink water standing 8 times out of it. You probably cannot even imagine that this habit of yours can make it difficult for you to walk as you get older.

Yes, drinking standing water causes pain in the knees, and can increase a lot with time. Rather, it can increase so much that even after walking, once you sit, you may have to feel a lot of pain even in standing.

And you may be forced to lie on the cot. So always keep in mind that whenever you drink water, always sit and drink it, this is Pani Peene Ka Sahi Tarika.

(3) Drink water 1 hour before eating food– Suppose your morning meal time is at 9 o’clock, then you should drink water after filling your stomach at 8 o’clock. After this, do not drink water, the reason for this is that water occupies a lot of space in the stomach, due to which you will not be able to eat food properly. Second, it can cause problems in the breakdown of food in the body.

(4) Do not drink water for 1 hour even after having foodIt is also a rule to drink water that just as you should not drink water just before eating, in the same way you should wait for 1 hour to drink water after eating food.

Doing this will be very beneficial for your health. There is also a reason for this, what actually happens is that when we feel hungry, then gastric fire is produced in our body.

And when we eat food, then this gastric fire does the work of burning that food i.e. digesting it. But imagine what would happen if you drank 1 glass of water as soon as you had a meal? That gastritis will be extinguished, which means it will calm down. In such a situation, how will your food be digested now?

Now the whole load has come on the lever, which means now there will be 2 problems. First, the liver will be weak and secondly your digestive system will be disturbed. And if there is a problem related to the stomach, then 4 more problems arise with it, you must have heard this. That’s why take special care of this one Pani Peene Ke Tarike.

Pani Peene Ka Sahi Tarika

(5) Do not drink water till the sweat dries upIn the summer season, we sweat a lot as soon as we do a little work. Or sometimes what we do is that we come running and run straight towards the water.

Doing so can prove to be very dangerous. This can not only cause problems like cold-hot, but you can also get heart attack. There have been many such incidents, so as far as possible we should try that first our sweat dries up, only then we have to drink water.

If still you are in a lot of hurry, then first pour some water on your head, this will reduce the temperature of your body and mind a little, after that you can drink water.

(6) Do not drink too much cold waterSee, it has been told in Ayurveda that there are benefits to drinking more water, but drinking more cold water has only disadvantages. One, the body has to put a lot of effort in digesting cold water because it is very heavy.

Second, it causes your intestines to contract, which will make your stool hard and you will become constipated. People who mostly sit, do not do any physical work, they can get these problems very quickly.

So try to drink as much normal water as possible, the water in the fridge is making us sick day by day. Try to avoid it as much as possible, whether it is summer or winter, lukewarm water is considered best for our health.

(7) Do not drink water with fruitsEating fruits is good for our health, but we make a mistake by drinking water on them. Fruits are acidic and they react with water to create acidity, which gives us a lot of problems. With this, you may feel uncomfortable, such as problems like restlessness or nausea.

(8) Drink at least 3 liters of water every dayEvery person drinks different amounts of water every day, this is true, but always remember one thing that you have to drink at least 3 liters of water every day. Water is not only used to quench thirst, but there are many other uses of water.

Like keeping the dirt accumulated in the body out slowly with urine. If you do not drink enough water, then toxins start accumulating in your body and gradually the dirt increases too much.

After that the man has no choice but to get sick. Therefore, drink at least that much water every day as required by the body. Always keep in mind the rules and methods of drinking these water.

(9) Do not drink water by pouring it from above– What we people do is that we fill the glass of water and start pouring it in the mouth from above. To do so is to cheat your body. According to Ayurveda, even God cannot save people who do this from kidney failure. Water should always be drunk with mouth, this is Pani Peene Ka Sahi Tarika.

(10) Do not drink water just before sleeping at nightThis is also a big mistake, and if it is repeated every day, then it will create big problems for you.

In fact, when you drink before sleeping at night, your brain gets oxygen from it, and due to excess oxygen, your brain starts running. Different types of thoughts start coming in your mind, this will interfere with your sleep.

You will not be able to sleep well at night, if you keep doing this continuously then the problem of irritability and tiredness will start in you. Therefore, drink whatever water you want to drink half an hour before sleeping.

(11) Do not drink water immediately after or before drinking tea We often see that as soon as many people hold a cup of tea, they first ask for water and drink water. This is wrong, drinking water in this way damages your teeth. Also, it makes your body temperature abnormal.

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so this was our post Pani Peene Ka Sahi Tarika what you read We told you the rules and methods of drinking water, which of them did you like the right way to drink water, do tell us by commenting.

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