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As you know, we keep giving you new information about health and fitness regularly. In this episode, today we have brought a new post for the people who exercise. rules for exercising That is, Rules. If you have just joined the gym or are about to do so, then definitely read this article till the end.

It is very important to know the Gym Exercise Rules before starting the exercise. Only then you get the right benefit of the workout. Otherwise you will do 100% hard work but you will get only 25% of its profit. After starting the gym or while exercising, we make many mistakes, we come to know later.

There are rules and regulations for doing exercise, which is necessary to know. There are some things which need to be taken care of. Here we will tell you 10 such things that you must keep in mind. So let’s come straight to the point without making the post too long and know what things should be kept in mind while exercising.

There are many people who start hitting the weights as soon as they enter the gym. Nor does he pay attention to what things he should have looked at before coming to the gym. This means to say that they do not pay attention at all that there are also rules of exercise. He completely ignores them.

There are many such things which we have to take care of. And not only have to take care, they also have to implement. It should not happen that even after knowing everything, you only do your own arbitrariness, due to which you will not get the full benefit of doing the complete workout. Always follow the rules and follow them.

Exercise Rules – Rules for doing Exercise

So let us tell you here 10 such points that you have to take special care of. 10 rules of exercise that you need to know.

(1) Warm Up – As we have mentioned earlier that most people fall straight on heavy exercises as soon as they enter the gym. You don’t have to do that at all. The first and most important thing in the rules of the gym is that you must warm up before starting any kind of exercise.

Gym Exercise Rules

If you do not warm up your body properly before starting the workout, then your muscles will not be able to be flexible. This will cause you two big losses. One, due to the absence of flexible muscles, you will not get the benefit of exercise, your muscles will not increase.

Second, there is a danger of bursting any of your muscles. So keep in mind that before starting the exercise, give at least 10 minutes to warm up. You get 40% benefit from exercise done without warming up, but if you do exercise after warm up, you will get 100% benefit of it.

(2) to avoid excessiveIn the beginning, you have to always keep this thing in mind that by getting more excited, you should not do too much workout. We know that there is a lot of enthusiasm in the beginning. The man thinks that the body should be formed as soon as possible, in this affair he forgets the rules of exercising.

So what we have to do is that the exercises have to be done by staying in control and also take care of the time. If you are just starting out, then we recommend that you just exercise for a maximum of 45 minutes.

(3) To keep the form correctMany boys try to put on more weight in their very beginning. They do take weight, but during exercise their form is not correct.

For example, if someone is hitting a heavy dumbbell, then while applying the dumbbell, he bends a lot in the opposite side of him in the process of applying emphasis. This is wrong, even if you keep a little less weight, but always keep your form correct.

(4) Diet – Now this is a very important issue. If you have come to build a body, then you should know that the body is made from diet, nothing happens by exercising alone. You have to keep in mind that you eat things rich in Protein and you need Protein even immediately after workout, also keep this in mind.

(5) Age has to be taken care ofNowadays older people are also going to workout in the gym. So in gyms where there are instructors, they give instruction to older people. But in many gyms, there is no one to tell the rules and regulations for exercising.

In such a situation, older people themselves have to take care that they should never copy Juniors. You always have to keep in mind that there is a big difference between your body and ability and the ability of Juniors.

(6) Health careThe next and important point is to take care of your health. There are some people who have mild pain in any part of the body or their health is mild, but they still go to the gym.

Exercise Karne Ke Niyam

Do not do this even by forgetting, it can cause you a lot of harm, far from benefiting you. Your pain may increase or your health may get worse. Always keep in mind that you go to the gym only when you are feeling completely healthy.

(7) Take care of accessoriesWe have to arrange for some small things to workout in the gym. Like we should wear light sports shoes while exercising. So that our feet, which stand with heavy weights, remain comfortable.

Similarly, cotton clothes should be used for exercising in clothes, apart from this, things like big handkerchief or towel and nappies should always be taken care of to wipe the sweat. This will always make us feel good.

(8) Try to be regular– This is really very important Gym Exercise Rules. We will get the full benefit of our exercise only when we remain regular. After exercising for 3 days, not exercising for 4 days can not get you anything. So try as much as you can to be regular in the gym.

(9) Do not do much cardio-exerciseWhen you start exercising, you don’t have that much stamina. So you do not have to do too many cardio exercises in the beginning, so that the load on your heart increases.

You must have heard such an incident many times that while doing workout, a person got heart failure and died. So to avoid such an incident, do less cardio in the beginning.

(10) Always be positiveAlways being positive in the gym is also an important task. If negative thoughts are going on in your mind that nothing is happening and you are just putting weights in despair, then it is wrong.

Always be positive, you will definitely get the result. Some get it a little early and some a little late. If you follow all the things mentioned above, then believe me you will see a big difference in yourself very soon. These are very important things about exercise.

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