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One thing is very important for all of us to know, and that is way of eating, Food is the basis of our life, but we all do injustice to food. We all forget that there is a right way and rules to eat food. By ignoring these things, we are actually playing with our own body.

You think that the thing which is most important for our life, by which our body is made and runs. If we accept the same thing without any rules, then how much trouble can it cause us.

It is a big truth that more than 60% of the people in India will not even know how to eat food. They just have a habit of shoveling food whenever they get a chance. In the article Right Way And Time To Eat Food , we are going to tell you the right way to eat food.

When to eat food – Right time to eat food

According to the scriptures and Ayurveda, the rules and methods of eating food are such that it takes a man months to learn. But we will not go into such depth here, but we will make you aware of all the important and important things.

If you guys have implemented these too, then understand that your fleet will be crossed. One thing you should understand that the way we eat our food decides our health. Everyone knows this thing that if there is good food then there is a good body.

For the body to do any work, it needs to eat first. The body prepares energy for work only from food. If we do not give our body the source of its energy in the right way, then the body will also get angry and problems will start.

Our body is also a machine and every machine has to give its fuel in the right way. Only then does she work properly on a regular basis. You take the example of a vehicle, its fuel is petrol or diesel, from that it makes energy.

Whenever the petrol runs out, it stops working, or if its food (fuel) is adulterated or of poor quality then its engine may also be damaged. Similarly our body, we also have to fuel it properly.

Right time and rules for eating food

We must know very well what is the proper time to eat food. Because this is not just an occasional thing, we have to eat food everyday. That is why it is necessary to eat it in a proper and timely manner. So let’s know that the right time to eat food.

(1) When to have breakfast Do you know that breakfast is the most important meal for us. Many types of physical deformities and weakness start coming in those who avoid breakfast. So have breakfast everyday and always take healthy breakfast.

According to Ayurveda and Health Experts, you should have breakfast within 1 hour after waking up in the morning. Yes, after sleeping the whole night, we need to eat something as soon as possible so that the body can make energy from it and the organs can do their work properly.

A lot of people, despite getting up early in the morning, spend many hours without having breakfast, which is a very wrong thing. After getting up in the morning, after retiring from defecation, etc., after taking a bath, we should take breakfast first. This is the right time to eat your first meal of the day.

(2) When should we have lunch? You should take your lunch exactly 5 hours after your breakfast. Yes, like if you have taken your breakfast at 8:30 in the morning, then you take your lunch at 1:30. If you follow these principles continuously, then you will always be healthy.

(3) When should dinner be eaten Most people are very careless about dinner. They do not take their food till late at night, and then go to sleep as soon as they have dinner. This thing has a big hand in spoiling our health.

Eating dinner on time is very important. You should take your dinner 7 hours after lunch. Meaning if you have taken lunch at 1:30 then definitely take your dinner at 8:30.

Because after this, even if you go to sleep till 10 o’clock in the night, your body gets one and a half hour to digest the dinner. Those who eat food at 11 -12 o’clock in the night and fall asleep as soon as they eat, they should change this habit as soon as possible.

Now let’s move forward, and know the right way to eat food. Because this is a very important issue which needs to be taken seriously. After reading this article, you will think for yourself that how many of these mistakes you make, and you will definitely try to rectify them. After today all of you have to take food keeping these rules in mind.

Right Way To Eat Food

(1) Wash your hands before eating food– 60% of the population of our country does not consider it necessary to wash hands before eating food, that is why the number of patients in our country is more than other countries.

All of you should understand that more than 40% of diseases are due to the dirt that goes with our food. We may or may not remember anything else, but wash hands while eating food.

(2) Always eat food while sittingWhile running after western civilization, we are forgetting Indian culture, which is considered to be the best in the world. Today, you can see everywhere in any function, people will be found standing and eating food everywhere.

This is the wrong way to eat food. Thousands of its disadvantages have been told in Ayurveda. By eating while standing, you do not get all the benefits of eating that you get from eating while sitting. You can do research about this.

(3) Never eat food under stressMany times we are under a lot of stress, in such a situation it is good if we do not eat food. According to the scriptures, the food consumed during the state of stress and excessive anxiety acts as poison for the body.

When this happens, we should wait for our mood to recover. If your mood is too bad then you can even skip one meal at a time, there is no problem with that.

(4) chew the foodIf you want your body to feel what you are eating, then for this you have to chew the food thoroughly and eat it. The more thoroughly you chew the food, the better it will be digested and the more nutrients you will get from it.

Even after swallowing food without chewing, the body does not process it properly and it is passed out through the undigested stool. Means we could not get those things for which we had to eat. Therefore, always keep the right way of eating food in your mind and chew the food and eat it.

(5) Always eat food while sitting on the groundOur sages and sages have said that a person should always be attached to his land and the food received from the ground should always be taken by sitting on the ground.

It may not show any scientific benefits, but according to our ancestors, it has many benefits. Nowadays people Bed But they take food while sitting, which is wrong.

way of eating

(6) Do not eat while watching TVThis is the biggest problem of today, from children to old people, no one eats food without turning on the TV. It has terrible side effects, one of which is poor memory.

Children studying, know this very well that by doing this continuously, your memory will become very weak. By the time you reach the age of 30, you will start forgetting a lot. Therefore, always eat food sitting in a quiet place.

Many people have a habit that while eating, they start reading any newspaper or book of stories. This is as bad a habit as eating while watching TV. Change this habit of yours as soon as possible and especially explain it to your children, otherwise their memory will be completely weak.

(7) focus on eatingThe right way to eat food is that while eating, you should focus on your food only and only. Many people live in such a hurry that they do not even know how many chapatis they have eaten, and what they are eating.

A very good thing has been told in Ayurveda that if your focus is only on what you are doing, then you will also enjoy and get the full benefits. Due to attention, we will be able to eat food properly.

(8) Always eat less than your appetiteWe should always eat a little less food than our hunger, because of this our digestive power is always healthy. You will also get scientific proof of this.

If we eat less food than our hunger, then there is no pressure on the organs inside our body, which work to digest food. Due to which they consistently do their work properly.

(9) Leave food for 1 dayYou must have heard from people that they have fasted (fasting) to earn merit, but due to incomplete information, in reality they do not know its reality.

The old sages and mahatmas used to fast to give rest to the internal organs of their body and to clean their body. Just people took something else out of him and they started following him.

But whatever it is, we must observe a fast for 1 day every week. In the olden days, the way of eating this food was very popular. If you do the same, then undoubtedly you will be able to achieve a very good health.

(10) Do not drink water after eating foodWe should never drink water as soon as we finish eating. It still works for 1-2 sips, but many drink a full glass of water which is wrong.

This habit of yours can destroy your body. Due to this the system inside you becomes very weak. Water extinguishes the flame that digests food. After that you can think for yourself.

(11) Always keep the food utensils cleanJust as it is necessary to wash hands before eating food, similarly the utensils in which we eat food are also necessary to be clean. Otherwise you may fall ill. Because even through dirty utensils, harmful viruses reach our body.

(12) Eat food only when you are hungryThere are many rules for eating or consuming food, but this is the most special. This thing seems small in appearance but it has a lot of power.

If you have such a habit that you are always eating something or even after eating food you keep eating something or the other, then change this habit. You should always eat food when you feel very hungry.

(13) Eat little by little – Often what we do is that we take too much food in one go. This is a very wrong thing because it slows down the digestion process very much and stomach related disorders arise.

We should not do this, instead we should divide the food into 2 parts and eat it. So that it can be easily digested and your metabolism rate increases.

So this was our article Right Way To Eat Food (Meals) , Hope you got a lot of good information from this article.

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