Tiger Shroff: 7 days full workout routine and diet plan

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Tiger Shroff is a famous actor Jackie Shroff is the son of. Tiger Shroff is very famous in Yubao for his healthy and fit body. He has done many films in which his performance has also been praised.

Tiger Shroff considers Mehsoor actors bruce lee and aamir khan as his idols. He loves to play football as well as specializes in taekwondo and dance.

So today in this article we will tell you about Tiger Shroff Workout and Diet Plan so that the formation of your body can also become healthy and healthy like them.

Tiger Shroff Workout Routine

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Since Tiger Shroff is a big fan of famous actor Bruce Lee, he also likes martial arts like tae kwan do and wushu.

He works out 7 days a week to keep the formation of every part of his body right. So let’s know about his workout routine.

Back Exercise on Monday

On Monday, Tiger Shroff exercises his back like 12 sets of pull-ups of 4-8 reps.

4sets lateral machine pull-downs(८० से ८५ kg) 10-12 reps. 12sets low और one arm dumbbell rolls ( 100 kg ) 4-8 reps.

Chest Exercise on Tuesday

12sets flat bench 4 से 8 reps. 12sets incline bench 4 से 8 reps. 12sets dumble press 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets chest flye 4 से 8 reps. Read also: BODY BUILDING TIPS: HOW TO MAKE BODY AT HOME WITHOUT GYM

Legs (Legs) Exercise on Wednesday

4 sets squats (190kg)  on shoulders 4 से 8 reps. 4 sets hamstrings curls (90kg) 4 से 8 reps. 4 sets step-ups (90kg) 4 से 8 reps.4 sets barbells  4 से 8 reps. 4 sets free squats 4 से 8 reps.

Thursday Arms Exercise

12 sets  Olympic barbell curls ( 60 kg ) 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets dumbbell curls (32 kg) 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets reverse curls (30kg) 4 से 8 reps.

Olympic barbell curls

12 sets close grip barbell presses 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets press downs 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets skull crushers (68kg) 4 से 8 reps.

Shoulders (Shoulder) Exercise on Friday

12 sets knee and shoulder press (90 kg) 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets military press 4 से 8 reps.

6 sets of lateral raises using dumbbells of 4-8 reps. 6 sets of 4 to 8 reps using the lateral raises machine. 12 sets rear flyes (40kg) 4 to 8 reps.


12 sets deadlifts (250 kg) 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets squats (100 kg) of 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets kneel and press (50 kg ) 4 से 8 reps. 12 sets plyometric push-ups 4 से 8 reps.


12 sets crunches of 12 reps. 12 sets hanging reverse crunches 10 से 12 reps. 12 sets (10 kg) loaded reverse crunches 10 से 12 reps.

12 sets standing और seated calf presses 10 से 12 reps. You can read this: Best Vegetable Juice: Which juice should be drunk to reduce obesity

Workout Routine Tips Hindi

  • Eat a healthy diet and do not smoke and drink alcohol.
  • Always train with a good trainer.
  • To maintain a healthy and beautiful formation of the body, it is necessary to have complete sleep.

Tiger Shroff Diet Plan Chart

Tiger Shroff eats a very healthy diet. He does not eat carbohydrate items after 5 pm.

According to the wishes of the films, he always tries to maintain the formation of his body. In which he eats every nutritional element present.

Tiger Shroff does not take alcohol, smoking and any kind of supplements. And to keep the amount of water in his body under control, he drinks a lot of water.

  • Breakfast In the morning breakfast, he eats only the white part of 8 eggs. Also eat oatmeal.
  • Snack In snack, he eats dry fruits and drinks whey protein shake.
  • Lunch Chicken or fish with brown rice. Also eat boiled vegetables.
  • Snack In the evening snack, he again drinks protein shake. This time is for his gym, so at this time he prefers to eat light food.
  • Dinner – Eats fish, green beans and broccoli.

So this was tiger shroff workout and diet plan for you. If you also want to keep your body formation healthy, strong and beautiful like them, then follow these fitness routine and diet plan.

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