What are the things needed to do makeup?

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Makeup Karne Ka Saman Ka Naam: If you are learning to do new makeup, then many types of makeup items available in the market can tempt you.

And you start wondering which makeup item is right for you. So in this article we will tell you about some of the primary things to do makeup. Knowing which, you will be able to do your makeup easily at home.

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For those learning to do new makeup, it is important to know about the things to do primary makeup.


Which you can always take out with you when needed. So let’s know what is that makeup item and how is it used?

1. Moisturizer

It is very important to apply moisturizer before applying any kind of makeup on your face. Moisturizer makes a good base on your face, after which your face looks more full after applying makeup.

makeup karne ka saman hai moisturizer

The use of moisturizer covers the blemishes on your face and keeps your face soft.

Using a moisturizer with SPF (protect from harmful sunlight) can be beneficial. Read also: To maintain the beauty of the skin, do not forget to eat these foods!

2. Foundation

To do the makeup of your face properly, it is necessary to use a good foundation after applying moisturizer. With the use of foundation, your face starts looking more beautiful, and blossomed.

use foundation

It is necessary to buy foundation according to your skin colour. So if you are using foundation for the first time, then apply it on the fist of your hands or a little on your cheeks and see if the color of the foundation matches with your skin color or not.

If you do not understand, then you can take the advice of the makeup artist present in the cosmetic shop. It is beneficial to apply the foundation using a damp sponge. You can read this: Gora Hone Ki Cream: 7 Best Skin Lightening Creams in India

3. Makeup Karne Ka saman Me Blush Jarur Use Kare

If you know how to apply blush properly, then it can make your face very beautiful. And it also helps in covering the wrinkles from your face.

makeup karne ka saman ki list me blush

Use blush only after keeping your skin color in mind and it is better not to use any very dark color. If you are using a new blush, then using powder blush is better for you.

Always apply blush on your face with light hands. Light pink, coral or peach color looks good for fair skin. And dark complexion is good for dark skin.

4. Eye Shadow

When you want to do eye makeup, you must have an eye shadow palette.

eyeshadow ke sath makeup kare

There are many different colors of eyeshadow are available in the eyeshadow palette, using which you can easily do your eye makeup. Read also: 5 Amazing Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

5. Makeup Ka Saman List Me Eyeliner Use Hota Hai

makeup eyeliner

The use of eyeliner is essential while doing makeup. But if you are not able to apply liquid eyeliner properly, then it is better to use pencil eyeliner in the beginning. So keep black and brown eyeliner in your bag. You can read this: Chehra Saaf Karne Ke Gharelu Upay | how to clean face

6. Mascara

Using mascara while doing makeup makes your eyelashes look thicker and longer. So if your eyes look tired due to lack of sleep, then definitely apply mascara on your eyelashes.

mascara makeup looks

This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Before buying mascara, check the texture of the brush. You can read this: Eye twitching is troubled: causes of eyelid twitching, treatment

7. Makeup Brush

How good your makeup will be depends a lot on your makeup brush. If you are doing new makeup, then you do not need many makeup brushes. Read also: 6 ways to remove upper lip hair in a pinch

8. Makeup Karne Ka Saman Me Compact Jarur Use Kare

When you want to complete your makeup quickly, a compact is a must. They are available in very small boxes, so you can easily keep it in your bag.

makeup compact powder

And whenever you feel that your makeup is getting spoiled, then apply a little compact on your face. This will make your face look blossomed and beautiful again. For women who have oily skin, it is necessary to use a compact while doing makeup.

9. Makeup Kit List Me Lipstick Ka Hona Lazmi Hai

Using a good lipstick on your lips makes your face more full and beautiful. And after applying lipstick of a good company, it does not get washed off even by applying water.

makeup ka saman list me lipstick

In the beginning, use a light colored lipstick. Then slowly apply the darker colors on your lips. You can read this: 2 Days Fairness Guaranteed: Rato Rat Gora Hone Ka 5 Asan Tarika

So this was the makeup karne ka saman ki list and necessary name for you. Remember makeup is used to enhance your beauty, not to make you beautiful. So always keep these makeup items with you and enhance your beauty by using them when needed.

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