What is Amino Acids? Benefits of amino acids in body building

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In this article you will know that What is Amino Acids? And what and how do they work in our body. Yes, the benefits of Amino Acid in making the body are not hidden from anyone. If you have been interested in science or you go to the gym, then you must have also heard about it. Know here what are Amino Acids and why are they important.

But here we will give you complete information about Amino Acids not in the language of science but in the language of bodybuilding. Because most of the people visiting our website also want to understand in this language. To fully understand What Is Amino Acid , we have to first understand Protein very well.

If you know about proteins well, then you will be able to understand better what Amino Acid is and what is their function. Amino Acids are very important for us. Different types of amino acids are needed by the body, the work of different amino acids is different.

All the essential amino acids we need for good health. Most of those amino acids are made by our body itself. It is our good fortune that the body can do this. We need some other amino acids more, which we have to fulfill through our food or any supplement.

If you are leading a normal life then your work goes by even with plain food, but if you are thinking of making a good muscle then you will need to pay more attention to Amino Acids. Because these are the masters of bodybuilding.

What Are Amino Acids – Amino Acids Kya Hai

You must be thinking that we have not told you yet what are Amino Acids. So do not worry at all, we will explain this to you in completely easy language. Before that, let us tell you that amino acids are also available in the form of supplements.

Now let’s come straight to the point and know why amino acids are important and what they actually are. First of all, let us tell you that Amino Acids are also Protein, meaning they are a part of Protein.

What is Amino Acids?

When we eat any protein-rich thing, while digesting the protein, our body breaks the protein into many parts, which contain Amino Acids. You can understand that the essential elements that our body forms during the bio-process of Protein are mostly Amino Acids.

If you want to build a body, then it is important for you to know that amino acids are the basis of muscles. Our muscles are made from Amino Acids only. Its special thing is that these bodies are never stored, we have to fulfill it daily.

Meaning or not? Suppose today that no matter how many amino acids you have taken through food, the body uses them according to the need and the rest comes out through the stool.

Meaning the body does not store them. For the next day, we have to replenish Amino Acids again. So you must have understood what Amino Acids are. Now let’s know a little about how and what work Amino Acids work. And which are the most important Amino Acids for us.

Amino Acids work to repair and strengthen our muscles. Amino acids called Leucine and Valine are considered to be special amino acids for building the body.

Apart from this, you must have also heard the name of Glutamine, it is also very useful in muscle building. Let us tell you the names of 9 such Amino Acids which we have to fulfill, because the body does not make them itself.

(1) Threonine

(2) Phenylalanine

(3) Tryptophan

(4) Lysine

(5) Valine

(6) Methionine

(7) Isoleucine

(8) Histidine

(9) Leucine

All the amino acids mentioned above are very important. Apart from this, BCAA and Glutamine are also popular names that you will find in the market in the form of supplements. By the way, we get Amino Acids from every food item in which good protein is found.

But it is found more in non-vegetarian things like Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Beef and in the meat of the creatures found in the sea i.e. Sea Foods. But even if you do not eat Non-Veg, it does not matter.

You will also find it in your food items like milk, cheese, curd, peas, gram, almonds, soybeans and walnuts etc. So hope that you have got complete information about Amino Acids Kya Hai and you must have come to know that what are the uses of amino acids.

Amino Acids Ke Fayde

But our journey is not over yet. Now it is time to know what are the benefits and health benefits of Amino Acids. Amino acids make up our body, so you can guess how important they are for us.

Amino Acids Ke Fayde – Health Benefits Of Amino Acids

Amino Acids Promotes Your Muscle Growth

(1) Make Muscles – As we have mentioned above that only Amino Acids do the work of making muscles. When muscles break down, amino acids also do the work of repairing them.

Amino Acids Increases Your Power

(2) Increases strength- If you are not making amino acids properly by eating, then you may have a problem of weakness. Amino acids increase our strength. For this, you should eat good protein food.

They Helps In Burning Your All Over Fat

(3) Burn fat- Amino Acids also work to burn fat. That is why it is said that if you want to reduce fat then you should eat protein rich food. Because amino acids are formed from protein and amino acids burn fat.

Protect You From Muscle Damage

(4) Protects from Muscle Damage- Amino acids are used in the work of repairing any muscle as soon as it is damaged, which is why our muscles are recovered as soon as possible.

Amino Acid Helps In Brain Devolpment

(5) Develop the brain – Amino acids develop not only the body but also the brain. They increase the production of many such hormones which work to make our brain strong and sharp.

It Improves Your Stamina

(6) Improves Stamina- Amino acids gradually work to increase our Stamina. If you get tired very quickly even while doing some simple work, then you may be deficient in Amino Acids.

Amino Acid Help In Muscle Sustaining

(7) Maintain muscles – We make our muscles by working so hard, imagine if you wake up on the second day and you get the same weak muscles as your old ones? Won’t you get shocked? But Amino Acids do not allow this to happen.

They keep our muscles strong for a long time and help in recovering quickly from any kind of damage. Due to which the recovery of muscles keeps going very fast.

So these were Amino Acids Ke Fayde, which are very important especially for those who go to the gym and exercise, but they are also very important for a normal man. That is why we have to maintain their level in the body properly.

There is no harm to the rest of Amino Acids, etc., we just have to deliver them to the body in the right amount. If you take any Amino Supplement, then definitely exercise along with it so that you get good results from it.

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