What is PCOS? Is it possible to get rid of PCOS?

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PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a problem that affects the hormones present in the body of women. In the body of women suffering from the problem of PCOS, hormones (androgens) present in men are present in more quantity.

And due to the hormones present in men, they do not have their period (menstruation) on time and these women may have problem in conceiving.

Women suffering from PCOS have an extra amount of hair in their body. Diabetes and heart problems can also occur due to PCOS.

polycystic ovary syndrome

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PCOS is a hormone-related problem that can occur in women between the ages of 15 and 44. Many women have the problem of PCOS but they do not know it.

Due to the problem of PCOS, there is an effect on the ovaries and ovulation of women. There are three symptoms of the problem of PCOS, such as having cysts in the ovaries, the presence of hormones present in the body in large quantities in the body of women, or lack of period on time.

Many small fluid-filled sacs called cysts are present in the ovaries of women with PCOS. Due to the presence of many cysts in the ovary, they are called polycystic ovary.

Doctors do not believe that due to the presence of more male hormones in the body of women, the egg is not produced naturally in the ovaries of women. And due to this there can be a problem of PCOS. There can be many other reasons for having PCOS like –

1. Increase of insulin in the body

Due to the excess amount of insulin in the body of women suffering from PCOS, their ovaries start making more hormones found in the body of men. Due to which the problem of PCOS persists. Obesity is the cause of excess amount of insulin in the body.

2. Gene problem

If a woman has a problem of PCOS in her gene, that means if her mother, grandmother or sister has PCOS problem in their family, then they can also have it.

3. swelling

There are many types of swelling in the body of women suffering from PCOS. It also causes obesity. Inflammation is also formed due to the presence of hormones found in men in large quantities.

There are many symptoms of PCOS such as not having period on time, excessive bleeding during period, excessive hair loss in body parts,

Acne on the face, weight gain, thinning and breaking of hair on the head, black spots on many parts of the body like neck, and headache.


What problems can occur in the body due to PCOS?

  • Women with PCOS may have trouble conceiving because their ovaries are unable to produce eggs naturally.
  • Women suffering from PCOS are prone to obesity. Due to obesity, women suffering from PCOS have a high amount of blood sugar, which can lead to diseases like diabetes or stroke.
  • Because women suffering from PCOS become a victim of obesity, due to this they may have trouble breathing while sleeping.
  • Women suffering from PCOS, due to lack of period every month, their uterine lining becomes thick. Because of this they are prone to endometrial cancer.
  • Unwanted hair in the body due to PCOS becomes a cause of trouble and sadness for women.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Cure PCOS

To cure the problem of PCOS, it is necessary for women to make changes in their lifestyle. Taking care of your diet, losing weight and exercising regularly can end the problem of PCOS.

Any weight loss diet can be beneficial for women suffering from PCOS.

  • If your period is not on time and you are not even proud, then definitely go to the doctor.
  • If unwanted hair starts coming out in different parts of your body and on your face.
  • If you have been trying to have a child for a year but are unable to get pregnant.
  • If you have symptoms of diabetes such as excessive thirst or hunger, blurred vision, and loss of excess weight.

In these situations, you must consult a doctor.

So this was for you PCOS ko khatam karne ke upay in hindi. The problem of PCOS prevents women from getting their period on time, and you cannot be proud easily.

And due to PCOS, unwanted hair starts coming out on the face of women. Women suffering from PCOS need to make changes in their lifestyle, as well as keep the weight under control by exercising.

If the symptoms and problem of PCOS are serious, then get the doctor checked. By using birth control pills and medicines like metformin, you can keep the problem of PCOS under control.

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