What to eat and what not to reduce anxiety or stress

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Whenever a person’s desires increase, the tension also increases. Yes, in this article, you will know that Tension or what to eat to reduce stress And what not to eat. What food or diet should be taken to overcome anxiety? So that we can get some help in reducing stress.

If stress has increased a lot in your life too, then pay attention to your food before resorting to medicines. Unemployment, increasing responsibilities, competition to outdo each other, the era of competition, jealousy towards each other and broken and deteriorating family relations have given us all a priceless gift.

And that is always there being a feeling of tension or worry. Too much stress or constant worry can make a person a mental patient. Therefore, it is necessary to treat stress or anxiety. The atmosphere has changed so much that it seems impossible for any person to avoid stress in these circumstances.

Do you know that the number of mental patients in India alone is in lakhs. And the biggest hand in making them mentally ill is that of stress. For whatever reason he has dominated them, whatever the reason may be.

Here this question comes later that what should be eaten to remove anxiety or stress, means what kind of diet should be taken. The real question is why does it start and why day by day its effect is dominating humanity.

In fact, there are many reasons for this, and most of which are such that we cannot even change it now. If we have to change then we have to change ourselves, our routine and our food habits. This thing is also absolutely true that as we eat, so we become and our mood goes according to food.

Like if you always eat rich food then your mood can never be good. So what we mean to say is that if you feel that you are feeling too much stress then first of all you need to change your diet.

Or you need to analyze the things you eat. You should know very well what to eat, what things should be eaten to drive away anxiety or tension. So that the effect of stress on you is reduced and your mood is always right, you should be happy.

Stress Reducing Foods

We know that many people do not know about Stress Reducing Foods. So there is nothing to worry about, we tell you which food will increase your stress, and which food will reduce your stress.

All you have to do is to stay away from things that increase stress and adopt things that reduce anxiety. If you do this in the beginning, then you can avoid doctors and medicines. So let’s start, let’s first know the things that reduce stress.

Foods For Reducing Stress – What To Eat To Reduce Stress

(1) OatmealYou must have heard the name of this, yes it can help a lot in reducing tension. A lot of fiber is found in it, which makes your digestive system completely healthy. Very few calories are available from this.

It has two benefits, one pacifies your appetite and the other helps in reducing your obesity. You must have heard that obesity also works to increase stress. But you can avoid this by using oatmeal.

By including it regularly in your diet, the production of Serotonin in our brain increases. These are the same hormones that reduce stress and keep us happy, that is, keeping the mood right.

(2) Omega 3 Fatty AcidsIf you want to know what to eat to reduce your stress, then nothing can be better than this. They are very essential for our brain and work to make the brain functional.

If you eat things rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, then your Stress Level will naturally be very low. But for this you need to know that what you eat gives you omega 3 fatty acids.

To get them, you have to eat fish, milk, salmon, avocado, nuts, dry fruits, eggs, olive oil and meat meat. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in very good amounts in all these things. So to reduce tension, your diet should be such that it includes these things.

(3) NutsNuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios are very helpful in relieving our stress. A special mineral is found in them, whose name is Selenium. This is a very special element for Stress Management. If it is lacking in the body, then the man always starts feeling a sense of restlessness and anxiety.

So in such a situation, you should make maximum use of Nuts so that your body gets sufficient amount of Selenium and your stress can be reduced. These are very effective food items to keep tension away from yourself.

(4) Dark ChocolateTo relieve stress or anxiety, eat dark chocolate, it works to calm your mind. But don’t think of it as normal chocolate, dark chocolate is different.

It contains an element called phenylethylamine which relaxes the brain and reduces its excitability. Due to which you will always be Calm.

(5) Green leafy vegetablesTo keep yourself away from tension or stress, you have to give place to green leafy vegetables in your diet. All those nutrients are found in green vegetables which are helpful in reducing stress.

what to eat to reduce stress

Vitamin A, B, Amino Acids and Minerals are found in green leafy vegetables which are very good for your brain. Consuming green vegetables regularly will remove the thing called anxiety from the routine.

(6) Blueberry And BlackberryThe best answer to the question of what to eat to reduce stress is Blackberry and Blueberry. Yes, blueberries contain anti-oxidants, which work to reduce stress in any kind of stress situation. If you include blueberries in your diet, you will automatically see the difference in a few days.

(7) milkDo you know that milk increases Serotonin Harmone. This is the same hormone that regulates our mood. Drinking milk regularly increases the level of Serotonin hormone in your brain and anxiety becomes fuzzy.

Because there is a special element in milk “Triptofan” which increases the production of this hormone. If the stress is high then start drinking milk.

(8) Chamomile TeaThe name of chamomile tea also comes in stress or stress reducing foods. In case of stress, use this tea at least twice a day.

Green tea is also a very good tea to manage tension, anti-oxidants are also found in it and also a special element Thianine. Which is great for reducing stress.

(9) Lassi means fresh buttermilkBy drinking 1 big glass of buttermilk every morning, you can get rid of stress. Buttermilk has the property of cooling and it is also helpful in keeping your stomach right.

Buttermilk not only keeps your body cool from inside but also works to keep your mind cool and calm. You must be understanding what kind of food should be eaten to remove anxiety.

(10) Kiwi fruitThis is a very good fruit to keep the stress level low. You must use it at least once a day, if you are fighting with stress then it will help you a lot.

Kiwi fruits also contain an element called Triptofan which increases the level of Serotonin hormone. Include this fruit in your diet and forget about worrying.

Right now we were telling you what to eat to reduce stress. Now let us tell you what you should not eat if you are going through the problem of excessive stress. What are the things you should avoid?

What should not be eaten to keep tension away

(1) IcecreamIf you want to keep your Stress Level low, then stop eating Icecream. It contains Refined Sugar which increases the level of Stress Harmones like Cortisol etc.

(2) Junk FoodsHow junk foods or fast foods increase your anxiety, we have told in the earlier posts. They play an important role in spoiling your mood.

(3) Milk teaWhenever you talk to a doctor about stress or depression, he will ask you not to drink tea with milk. Because it also causes stress and depression. Caffeine present in it is responsible for this.

(4) Cold Drinks and Canned JuiceIf you want to avoid stress and be happy always, then keep distance from canned juices and cold drinks. People who drink more cold drinks, etc., have an increased level of stress. The chemicals and caffeine present in them promote stress.

(5) wine and beerSome people consume alcohol to relieve stress. In the beginning all this sounds good, but later slowly it leads the person to the door of depression. If you have a little bit of stress right now, then alcohol can increase it too much. So don’t drink alcohol at all.

(6) Soy ProteinIf you are going through a period of stress, then do not eat any such thing, then it is made from soybean. Or that contains soy protein. Soy protein reduces the level of testosterone by increasing estrogen in the body, which leads to depression or stress.

(7) gutkha or pan masalaConsuming gutkha, yolk or pan masala for a long time disturbs the balance of hormones in your brain. For example, you start feeling the symptoms of Anxiety or Depression. So avoid consuming them. So it was the things that increase anxiety or stress, that is, foods that we should not eat.

(8) More Oily Things – Things with more oil work to increase stress in any person. Therefore, minimize the consumption of such things which have a lot of oil. Especially do not use such things in breakfast at all.

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this was our article What To Eat To Reduce Stress – Foods For Reducing Stress Tension . Along with this, you also learned that what should not be eaten to keep tension anxiety away.

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