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The Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his wife Anura’s son Zain Nadella was born on 13 August 1996. The software developer informed its executives in an email that Zain was dead. 


Zain Nadella was the son of Satya Nadella, the Indian-American president and CEO of Microsoft. Zain was a special child and was born with cerebral palsy, and passed away on February 28, 2022, due to his medical condition.


Zain was 26 years old at the time of his death. True, the CEO, who has been in the role since 2014, has led the company to focus on product design to better serve disabled users and to educate and support Zain.


Their baby Zain was born with cerebral palsy and was treated last year at the Seattle Children’s Center for Integrative Pediatric Brain Research and Zain Nadella Endowed Chair at Neuroscience at Children’s Hospital. Here we talk about Zain Nadella’s biography.


Due to his death, he is now trending on Google. He is a famous personality because his father Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft.


Zain Nadella died on 28 February 2022. He was a special child and was born with cerebral palsy. Zain Nadella continued her treatment in the endod chair at the Seattle Children’s Center for Integrative Brain Research in Pediatric Neuroscience.

Zain Nadella Wiki Biography | Zain Nadella Biography 

Zain Nadella Biography

Full Name:- Zain Nadella

Nickname:- Zain

Famous For: Son of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Date Of Birth:- 13 August 1996

Died:- 28 February 2022

Age:- 26 years

Birth Place:-  United State of America

Birth Country:- United State of America

Citizenship:- United State of America

Religion:- Hinduism

Nationality:- United State of America


Zain Nadella Family | Zain Nadella Parents, siblings

Father’s Name:-  Satya Nadella

Mother’s Name:- Anupama Nadella

Sister’s Name:- Divya Nadella and Tara Nadella


Zain Nadella Physical Stats | Zain Nadella Physical Appearance

Height:- 5’9”(aprox)

Weight: 80 kg (approx)

Eye color:- Black

Hair color:- Black


Zain Nadella Relationship Status | Zain Nadella Relations

Marital Status:- unmarried.

Girlfriend:- Not known

Affairs:- Not known

Wife’s Name:- Not known.



Zain Nadella Education Qualification

School:- Not known

College:-  Not known

University:- Not known

Zain Nadella Networth | Zain Nadella Earning source

Earning source:- Not known

Net worth:- $1M

Zain Nadella  of Social Profile

Zain Nadella’s Instagram account  – Not Known

Twitter account link of Zain Nadella – Not Known

Facebook account link of Zain Nadella – Not Known

The cause of death of Zain Nadella, son of Satya

The unfortunate news was shared by Microsoft in an email, asking executives to hold the bereaved family in their thoughts and prayers. 

Last year, Zain worked closely with Nadella to establish the Nadella Endowment Chair at Pediatric Neuroscience as part of the Seattle Children’s Center for Integrative Brain Research, at Children’s Hospital, where Zain received most of her treatment, the report said.

Zain Nadella’s Medical Condition:-

When Zain’s mother was in her thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, she noticed that the baby was not moving properly in her stomach. So Zain’s parents went to the hospital for a routine checkup.

Upon examination, the doctors noticed that there was something unusual about the pregnancy, so they performed an emergency caesarean section. At birth, Zayn weighed three pounds, and didn’t cry right after his birth. 


Later, the doctor examined him and found out that he was born with cerebral palsy. within a short time of his birth; He was taken to a children’s hospital called Seattle Children’s Hospital, Washington, US. Zain spent his entire life in the hospital as he was undergoing treatment there. Talking about Jain in an interview, his father said,

As parents, our lives are shaped by the needs of our children, and it is our hope that by honoring Zain’s journey, we can improve and innovate care for generations to come in every community. Huh. 

Zain has a musical fav and has a wide taste across eras, genres and artists. He fancies everything from Leonard Cohen to Abba to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and wants to be able to flip through these artists who fill their rooms with music suited to them in no time. ,

During an interview, Jain’s sister Tara said:-

Zain’s lessons have made me passionate about making sure every voice is heard and respected because a calm voice is not a low voice. The staff, nurses and doctors at Seattle Children’s have a kind, respectful understanding of my brother’s rights. He teaches by example to young advocates like me, showing how leadership in inclusion is fundamental to driving change towards greater acceptance. Whenever possible, I talks with people about the importance of cultivating inclusion. I use personal experiences that have given me a unique perspective to try to share and inform others.”

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Frequently Asked Question About Zain Nadella

#1. Who is Zain Nadella?

Ans:- Zain Nadella is the son of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

#2.  Date of Birth of Zain Nadella?

Ans:- Zain Nadella is born on 13 August 1996.

#3. What is the age of Zain Nadella?

Ans:- Zain Nadella was 26 year old.

#4. When Zain Nadella Died?

Ans:- Zain Nadella is died on 28 February 2022.

#5. Zain Nadella’s birthplace?

Ans:- United States of America.

#6. Why Zain Nadella is Famous?

Ans:- Zain Nadella is famous because he is the son of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

#7. Who is the Father of Zain Nadella?

Ans:- Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the Father of Zain Nadella.

#8. Who is the mother of Zain Nadella?

Ans:- Anu Nadella is the mother of Zain Nadella.

#9. What is the Hobby of Zain Nadella?

Ans:- Zain Nadella love to listening Music.

#10. What is the cause of death of  Zain Nadella?

Ans:- He was Suffered from Asphyxia in Utero.

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